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   Chapter 216 supervise you for me

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After Carlos left, Cassandra sorted out the data of the acquisition case before she stretched herself and went back to her bedroom.

She actually knew something about the acquisition in her previous life, not because she wanted to know, but because something bad happened in the future.

Originally, this case was under the charge of Fiona. After the signature, there was no problem with it at first. But after the settling down of the Lu Group, it discovered that the Raymond Group was already in debt, and the shares they had acquired had been bought by a large foreign company.

That was to say, both the Lu group and Fiona were cheated by the Raymond Group.

Originally, Fiona successfully won over people's support through the acquisition, and then the trouble was caused. But Fiona was not very good at using power. She caused the lives of people of the Raymond Group, dead or disabled, and the end was miserable.

The moment when Cassandra took over the Lu Group, she knew it would be hard for her to get her way from Fiona's subordinates. Now, she not only had to deal with the Raymond Group, but also had to watch out for Fiona.

But no matter what, she was going to take this step. She wanted to prove to everyone that she, Cassandra, was not a useless vase!

Most importantly, if she handled the case well this time, it could not only reduced the loss of the Lu Group, but also enhance her position in the Lu group. Of course, she could also take this opportunity to restrain Fiona's arrogance.


Then, Cassandra sneaked into the bedroom. Leaning against the headboard, Martin seemed to be waiting for her on purpose.

"Why haven't you gone to bed? It's so late! " Scolded Cassandra discontentedly.

"I'm waiting for you," said Martin

The corners of Cassandra's mouth twitched, 'Why didn't you drive!

I'm still a child!

With a slight cough,

ed out a mouthful of blood~

It was heartbreaking~

But then again, what he said was so manly

In her previous life, she had been so angry that she thought such a handsome man like Martin was a scum

She must be out of her mind!

"I'm just kidding. I'm going to have a nap. Wake me up." Said Cassandra.

"Okay, '' replied Martin

Cassandra raised her eyelids and said, "Well, Martin, you can't change the time.''

"Yes, '' replied Martin

A few hours later.

Cassandra sprang up from the bed and thought, 'what a liar! Martin told me he would change the meeting time but he lied to me again!'!

The sunshine fell through the window and danced. Everything was so alive.

Cassandra jumped off the bed and ran downstairs barefoot immediately.

In the downstairs, Martin was sitting on the sofa and reading his brief case. Cassandra ran to him with a sullen face. She shouted, "Martin! You lied to me again! It's almost ten o'clock now! "

How about mutual trust!

I must have mistaken you!

When he saw her feet, he stood up immediately, carried her in his arms and carefully placed her on the sofa. "Why don't you wear your shoes?"

Cassandra, "..."

'What the hell? I'm still mad at you!' she cursed inwardly!

Knock it off!

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