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   Chapter 214 aren't you afraid of my tricks

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"No, I didn't.'' Martin suggested.

Cassandra observed him secretly and made sure that there was no sign of anger on his face. Then she breathed a sigh of relief and said: "well, in fact, I did it for your own good...''

Martin gave her a cold glance and thought, 'How dare she take the undeserved gain for granted!'.

Cassandra felt that she was too shameless, so she immediately said: "I mean, it is convenient to explain to them. After all, I am now a fiancee. If someone photograph me, I can also explain it. I think this explanation is very reliable.''

"No way!'', replied Martin

'are you kidding me? I've been playing the part of your bromeo all the time. You wish!

The expression on Cassandra's face changed, She curled her lips and said, "fine. If you don't want to do it, I'll find another way.''

Then, Cassandra drooped her head and walked silently in front of Martin. Her slightly thin body looked somewhat bleak.

Ten seconds passed

Why didn't Martin call my name? Is he with a lover outside? Does he no longer love me

Twenty seconds passed

So Martin cheated on me and came out with a low voice~

"Yeah." A deep voice suddenly came from behind.

Then Cassandra raised her head and asked, "What?''

"The car is over there, '' replied Martin

Then Cassandra lowered her head again and said, "Okay.''

With a resigned expression, Martin added, "Okay, I promise you.''

"Well What? What do you say? Really agreed? "

The little girl suddenly raised her head, her face full of excitement and her previous haze had been swept away. She stared at Martin with expectation.

Martin nodded, "yes.''

Anyway, in front of Cassandra, his principles and bottom line were nothing but clouds.

When Cassandra was about to say something, Martin's mobile phone suddenly rang. He took it out and glanced at it. With a touch of coldness, he slid the screen and put the mobile phone to his ear.

"Master, something bad has happened. The acquisition of the harbor city i

earn how to deal with Martin's documents and Martin was well prepared to arrange a meeting for Cassandra. Unexpectedly, Cassandra proposed to go to the company.

"Yes, '' replied Martin in a hoarse voice

"But I always wear men's clothes in your company before. How about giving me an assistant position?"

He used to be a male chauffeur, as well as an assistant. Due to all kinds of misunderstandings, there would be a lot of rumors when she worked there. But now, this was the only safest way.

"Okay, '' replied Martin

Cassandra looked at him stealthily, "You said yes no matter what I said? I say I'll handle this purchase. Will you agree? "

"Okay, '' replied Martin unhurriedly

'aren't you afraid that I will screw up the case?

Moreover, the skill of Martin pursuing a girl was admirable~

Then Cassandra gave a little cough and said, "Martin, aren't you afraid that I might mess it up for you?''

If it was really a huge project that was smashed, it would be difficult for Lu group to face the loss of out of control. Otherwise, no one in the city would be able to find Martin.

"You have me, '' said Martin

The underlying meaning behind his words was that Martin would back her up no matter what happened~

Damn you! It was so hard to say sweet words!

What a fool! Wasn't he afraid of being punished!

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