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After hanging up the phone, Cassandra went straight into the hall.

"Martin, I'm back. How is everything today? Did you take the medicine and have a rest at home? " Then Cassandra walked towards Martin.

Martin was in a black formal suit with a blanket over his body. He was reading a book on the couch. Upon hearing this, he put down the book and rested his eyes on Cassandra. "Not bad, '', he answered

Cassandra took a glance at the book he put down and found that the upper page was written with words she couldn't understand. She was speechless as she thought her IQ was insulted

"Eh? Where do you buy the cake?'' Then Cassandra noticed that there was a nice cake placed next to the book.


Why did she feel this cake so familiar

She felt that Martin had dug a deep hole for her

Martin said," I asked Carlos to buy it.''

Did Carlos go to buy it?

'No wonder Carlos looked so strange just now. It's just a cake. Why does he look as if he is facing a formidable enemy?


No! Cassandra's eyes directly stuck to the cake, as if she had experienced an incomparable tsunami in her heart. She had said that there was something wrong with the cake! !

Prosperous Bakery!

'holy crap! Isn't this the bakery she used to love!

No wonder the way Carlos looked at her was so weird. It was all a set of tricks!

Prosperous Bakery was an old famous bakery. When Cassandra was a little kid, she particularly liked this bakery, because Roger loved this restaurant for its flavor. As the saying goes, "love me, love my dog.", this was also her favorite bakery.

"Why is it strawberry like? And there are so many cream. Don't you know that I have been losing weight recently? Are you going to feed me like a pig? " Swallowing the fear in the bottom of her heart, Cassandra grumbled, pursing her lips.

Martin looked at her calmly, with coldness flashing in his eyes. After a while, he said, "you don't like it?"

Cassandra nodded eagerly and

at a coincidence, Are you here for dinner too?''

Peggy nodded, "yes, I have an appointment with a friend. I didn't expect to meet you here. This is..."

Cassandra rolled her eyes at Martin and said, "Well My friend's surname is Lu. "

Peggy's eyes fell on Martin. This man had extraordinary temperament, which showed that he was not a normal person at first glance. The temperament he had been born and cultivated for years was something that ordinary people couldn't make.

"Are you waiting in line?" asked Peggy

Embarrassed, Cassandra scratched her head, "well, I'm a little late. I didn't expect there were so many people.''

"My friend is inside now, so I have extra seats for you. If you and Mr. Lu don't mind, how about joining us at the same table?'' Peggy proposed

Cassandra was about to agree at first, after all, there were not many chances to get close to Peggy, and it was Peggy who offered to invite~

At such a high speed, she even didn't know when they would finish waiting in line. She brought Martin out because she wanted to save some trouble for him. If they waited for a longer time before, she was afraid that it would be too much for his health.

Then Cassandra looked up at Martin with an ingratiating look and said, "Well, my goddess has invited us. Why don't we share a table?''

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