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"I was just saying it casually. Well, it's late now. You've been busy the whole night. You should have a rest first. I have to go to the film and television city when the day breaks. You can come here to help me." Cassandra changed the topic.

Carlos and Kevin looked at each other and left after they said a few words to each other.

There was only Cassandra left in the empty room, standing in front of the bed. After a short while, she heaved a sigh and looked at Martin with a complicated look.

It seemed that she had to find Hawk as soon as possible

Cassandra didn't leave until nearly 8 o'clock while Martin was still in a coma and didn't wake up until nearly 10 o'clock.

Carlos and Kevin stood in front of the bed, grim faced. As soon as they saw that Martin had woken up, Kevin immediately gave him a checkup to make sure that his fever had been gone. He breathed a sigh of relief after making sure that.

"Carlos, you stay here. I'll fetch some medicine for master.'' Said Kevin.

Carlos nodded, and then Kevin strode away. After Kevin left, Carlos looked at Martin nervously, "well, master, I have something to tell you...''

Martin leaned back against the bedside and looked down at his pale face.

In fact, except in front of Cassandra, Martin didn't look angry at all. His face was as cold as ice, which made people dare not look straight at him.

With an expressionless face, Martin ordered, "speak up.''

Carlos," Here is the thing. You suddenly had a fever last night. sister-in-law was so worried about you that she didn't leave until the next morning, When she learned that you were not in good health, she wanted me to report your condition to her in time It's an out of power issue. I don't dare to make any decision by myself. "

The air in the room seemed to freeze and chill all of a sudden.

Carlos was immediately scared out of his wits. 'Damn it! If I had known that his young master was so angry, I wo

highness touch the briefcase! ''

Satisfied, Cassandra hung up the video and went back to work.

inside bedroom.

Carlos stood straight in front of the bed. "Well, you've heard it, master. Sister in law says that you still can't deal with your briefcase now...''

"Go get it," said Martin

The corners of Carlos's mouth twitched. "What? "My master, you have promised my sister-in-law...''

I'll tell on you!

As if he had guessed correctly, Martin said coldly, "you are not allowed to tell her."

Carlos looked desperate. He couldn't stop this

Carlos stayed there for a long time. At last, he returned with a lot of briefcase. Martin personally dealt with all kinds of complicated and complicated briefcase, leaving some less critical and skillful ones for Cassandra to deal with.

"Well "Master, are you really going to teach sister-in-law to take over the company?'' Looking at the briefcase picked out on the table, Carlos asked in a low voice.

It was hard for others to decipher the real intention of Martin, but except Carlos, who had been working for him for so many years. It was clear that Martin wanted to teach Cassandra how to run the company, which, on the other hand, was good for little but positive for the bad

With a tired face, Martin asked, "anything wrong?''

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