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   Chapter 205 what if I lose

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6555

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Did the Lu group purchase the Kingship Group?

If she remembered correctly, because the largest shareholder of the Kingship Group was under too much pressure, they only withdrew their investments at last. There were indeed very difficult problems in the early period after Luther took over the Kingship Group. However, with the rapid development of the Internet Sanskrit, and with the surge of shares, the Kingship Group soon became the leader of the Internet business

Is it because of her poor memory, or because of her rebirth, there are many things out of her control?

"Any problem?" Martin reached out his hand and picked up the black hair which fell over her ear.

Cassandra took out the acquisition case. "No, I just felt a little strange to see the brief case in Chinese. Let's deal with it tonight, shall we?''

"Yes," replied Martin

While speaking, Cassandra pushed the notebook in front of Martin and said, "you read this first. I will go through this brief case first.''

"Okay," replied Martin

With that, Martin did pick up the notebook and read it carefully.

Someone didn't know that all the suggestions of Carlos last night were under his instructions. Therefore, it meant that he had personally handled the briefcase last night, only concealing the fact from Cassandra.

Cassandra leaned against the sofa and sat on the carpet. She immediately read the acquisition plan in a glance. The acquisition plan was not a long one. She kept most of its content in mind because she was interested in it.

From this buyout, the Kingship Group was also willing to be bought. Up to now, the Lu group was willing to offer 50 million dollars to a new company which was just starting and whose future was unknown. It was the limit that the Lu group could offer.

After a long while, Cassandra put down the brief case and turned to look at Martin, "why did the Lu group purchase this small company? The company's market value was

the moment. Moreover, he was confident that he would be able to develop the Kingship Group quickly after buying it.

He had always been accurate. If he was not sure, he would not rashly purchase a small company.

He was rich, but not a sitting duck.

Martin didn't take a look at the case. Instead, he fixed his eyes on Cassandra and asked suddenly, "what if you can't make it?''


Did he have no confidence in her

But then again, if she hadn't known in her previous life that Kingship Group would become a big shots in the Internet business in the future, she wouldn't have wanted to invest in a small Internet novel company or buy a large IP at this time

"What if you can't?'' Martin asked again

Raising her eyebrows, Cassandra said, "You can punish me as you like.''

With a gleam shining in his eyes, Martin kept silent for a few seconds. Then he said, "I'll give you one year. If you can make it after one year, I'll give you the company as a reward.''

Cassandra swallowed and thought, 'it is such a big company. If he was others, I would think they are pretending to be powerful. However, for Martin, the business tycoon, it is just a drop in the bucket even if the Kingship Group will develop well in the future and become the Internet celebrity.

"What if I lose?"

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