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   Chapter 204 it is my father

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 7005

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"Just read it. Don't talk so much nonsense. You're so annoying." Said Cassandra, glaring at Carlos.

With a slight cough, Carlos fetched the brief case in front of Cassandra with his trembling hands. A few seconds later, Carlos looked at Cassandra strangely.

She couldn't even read such a luxurious document

He really doubted that his sister-in-law was here to mess around

At the same time, in the bedroom.

Martin leaned against the head of the bed, looking a little bit pale. He was holding an iPad in his hand, and his eyes were falling on it.

On the screen, the girl looked quite troubled. It was clear that she didn't know the contents of the briefcase, but she still listened carefully, and there were some ideas in her small notebook aside.

He also heard about the brief case Carlos read out. After he got the approval, he sent it to Carlos through mobile phone and then Carlos reminded it to Cassandra.

A few hours later, a lot of briefcase were finally handled. As it was getting late, Cassandra stretched herself and said tiredly, "Carlos, please send these briefcase away. I'm going to see Martin.''

It was usual for Carlos to stay up late with Martin. Although it was a little hard for him to teach Cassandra, he could still accept the intensity.

Carlos tidied up his briefcase. "Well, it won't be long before dawn. Sister in law, you'd better have a rest too. I'll ask Marcus to call you later.''

After a yawn, Cassandra replied, "Okay, go ahead.''

After that, Carlos went out with his briefcase. Cassandra took the small notebook and clumsily walked towards the bedroom.

Once she was reborn, her body was worse than she had imagined. She couldn't hold on any longer even if she stayed up all night. Luckily, she had helped Martin deal with the brief case. Thinking of this, she felt a little pleased.

After she went back to her bedroom, she cautiously climbed into bed and covered herself with a quilt, in case that Martin felt cold because of her, She had intended to sleep after she felt warm, but as soon as her head touched the pillow,

not to touch them, didn't I?''

"No, I can handle it. There are only some urgent cases left. I can show you how to do it."

Pulling a long face, Cassandra pulled down the briefcase from his hand and put it aside. Then she put the small notebook in front of Martin and said, "look, I've got the most important parts of the briefcase that you received last night for the sake of you, See if I have done the right thing or not. If not, we can improve it. You don't need to read the rest. I will start the work at 3:00 pm and get these copies first.''

Martin looked at this small notebook in her hand. She had asked Carlos for advice last night, which was almost kept in this small notebook. Besides, she had marked some marks on it, which was very important.

Martin lowered his head and replied, "Okay.''

Cassandra's face softened, but she still kept a straight face, "don't touch these official cases in this period of time. I'll deal with them for you. I'm a genius.''

Carlos grumbled in his heart. He didn't even understand a simple case

In fact, Cassandra could make decisions for Martin whenever it was related to the future development of the Lu group. He had been working for the group for five years, knowing how to make the decision and how to minimize the loss.

"Eh, this brief case is in Chinese Well, the acquisition of the Kingship Group?'' Cassandra was dumbfounded.

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