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   Chapter 203 no one would feel hurt

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In her previous life, Cassandra knew nothing about the Lu group. Even if Martin intended to let her get involved in the company, he gave her a position of vice president. But Cassandra either made trouble or caused trouble to him. She would gain nothing if she took charge of the good projects.

They were all beware of their greed for money, but she didn't take any precautions, and she intentionally made mistakes. She gave all her money to them. Therefore, she was not incompetent to do business, but was too smart to precisely catch all the loopholes and details.

"Do you really want to learn?" he asked

"Although I am not a talented cultivator, but a great teacher is better than an ordinary student. You are a great teacher and I am sure I can support you to run the Lu group."

It was not easy for him to run the Lu group. Otherwise, it would not have taken so many years for him to take over the Lu group from Johnson. Although it was not easy to do business, but it was more difficult to make the business done by the members of the Lu family.

As soon as Martin took over the position of the master of the Lu clan, the Lu clan seemed to be calm on the surface, and no one dared to provoke him again, but under the calm appearance, it was an inside conflict of fire and water.

He was happy that Cassandra chose to learn and manage the Lu group. After all, he had already paved a path for the future of the Lu group. As long as Cassandra didn't be a black sheep, it would be natural for her to take over the group in the future.

"If you really want to learn it, I can teach you. But you have to think it over. Once you make a decision, you will be involved with me, me and the whole Lu clan from now on. Do you understand?"

Although it was not a taboo to forbid Cassandra from handling official affairs, if possible, Martin did not want to involve Cassandra in. All the people of the Lu clan were not good people, and Cassandra was so innocent that she was probably not aware of being deceived.

But he didn't have much time left. If he was not able to compete with the god, then a year lat


No one would feel hurt~


With her hair in a mess, Cassandra bit a black pen and looked at Carlos in confusion. "Well Your brief case usually in English? "

Looking at the complete English and not Chinese, she felt that her IQ was completely insulted.

Cassandra was graduated from a prestigious school. Her English was quite good so she could communicate with her international friends in an easy way. However, looking at the unfamiliar words in the book, she felt that she had been reading a fake book for more than ten years.

"They are not only in English, but also French, German, Spanish and so on Don't you understand these words? Carlos quietly added.

He knew it! His sister-in-law was totally unreliable!

Since you don't even know these documents, how can you sign them?

Blue veins stood out on Cassandra's forehead. She was fuming, Even if I pretend to be powerful, I will be struck by lightning... '

Clenching her fists, Cassandra stated, "of course not. But it's my first time to approve so many official files. Martin told me about it before. If you could tell me the general content of any official files, I should know how to do next.''

After a few seconds of silence, Carlos said, "to be frank with you, these documents are top secret and I can't read them all. For example, you take this, with four stars on it and my authority is only three stars..."

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