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   Chapter 202 the scene was a blur to her

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At the movie city.

As soon as Cassandra arrived at the filming site, Johnny waved at her. Johnny looked at the direction of her sight, and saw that Peggy was also there. So Cassandra immediately walked up to him with a big smile, "good morning, director Johnny, goddess.''

"Come with me," said Johnny

Then Cassandra followed Johnny to a quiet place. As Johnny hadn't fully recovered, he walked slowly.

When they arrived, Johnny asked, "well, are you free tomorrow evening?''

Cassandra was stunned," Director Johnny, if you have anything to say, please go ahead."

Johnny nodded and said, "I have made an appointment with the man you mentioned earlier at the Kingship Group. He will be free tomorrow night. If it's convenient for you, I can make an appointment with him.''

Cassandra didn't expect that Johnny could be so efficient. She had just called him yesterday and Johnny had already made an appointment.

"Are you going to meet with the people from the Kingship Group?'' Cassandra asked casually

Johnny," Vice president, Luther, is now the person in charge of the creative content of Kingship Group. He seems to be interested and wants to know what cooperation you are going to discuss with him.''

"Luther of Kingship Group?

If she remembered correctly, in the next two years, Luther bought all of his shares from his original CEO, the largest shareholder. After he took over the company, he began to reform quickly. The Kingship Group was a new trend in the Internet industry. At last, it stood firm and became the top one in the industry. And Luther himself was also known as a legend, he was an influential figure in the Internet.

Since Luther became famous, a lot of magazines wanted to interview him, but he refused them one by one. It was said that he was a low-key and introverted person. He seldom showed up in public, but Cassandra had a deep impression on him.

Cassandra nodded," Okay. Mr. Johnny, please tell Mr. Luther that I'll go to the party tomorrow evening a

d from hospital and was allergic to meat. Cassandra had only prepared some light vegetable porridge and made a few dishes. Due to poor appetite, he couldn't eat more than half a bowl of porridge.

Cassandra didn't ask for more. She made a cup of tea for Martin, which was said by Kevin that it could strengthen his vital energy and blood. Now, it was a good chance for Martin to use it. Therefore, she stipulated to him that he should drink 3 large glasses of tea every day and not less than one drop.

After finishing the tea and medicine, Cassandra took Martin upstairs to have a rest. However, He didn't sleep at all, perhaps because he had slept for a long time in the hospital.

Cassandra went to his study and fetched a novel for him. She slowly read it to him, asking him to read it. Indeed, she had raised a lot of questions, and the omnipotent Martin had solved them all.

"Martin, I have something to deal with tomorrow evening and will come back late. You don't have to wait for me for dinner. I will ask the chef to prepare dinner for you.'' Cassandra put the book on the head of the bed and said.

"Well, don't be too tired," said Martin

Cassandra replied immediately, "don't worry. It won't happen, but Can you promise me not to care about the company for the time being If it still doesn't work, can you teach me? "

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