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   Chapter 200 you can be

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They all understood this point, but they still felt that they had fallen into a trap

"Sister in law, you know clearly what kind of person our master is. We can't change his mind as long as it is decided by him. Moreover, since he gets so angry this time, it's Not yet... " He didn't dare to finish his sentence.

"I don't know what kind of person Martin is? He is so easy to be coaxed, but you just don't care about it and just want to throw the blame to Martin? "


Kevin was speechless, "..."

They really can't accept it. Well, as long as you are happy

"Sister in law, we have just had the public display of affection. Can we get to the point?"

"Aren't we talking about business just now?"

The corners of Carlos's mouth twitched. After a long time, he finally came to his sense. "Well, I have discussed with Kevin. We think that you are the only one who can stop master and let him take a good rest. As for young master's health, I have mentioned it to you. Kevin has been paying close attention to him, he has actually recovered That is to say, as long as you don't lose your temper with master, master will be at ease. If he cooperates with his treatment, perhaps he will have a favorable turn in the future. As for Hawk, I have also heard some news about him. It is said that he appeared in the city of N a few days ago, and I have sent more people to see him. ''

However, Carlos was also very clear about the physical condition of Martin. Even if he had found Hawk, he might not be able to change the situation of the Martin in a short time. However, Hawk was the last hope for them. If Hawk could not even do it, nobody in the world could do it.

With a serious look on her face, Cassandra thought, 'Can Martin really make it to the end?

Cassandra took a look at Carlos and said, "we should find out Hawk's whereabouts as soon as possible, Tell me when he arrives, I will personally invite him. As for Martin, I know what to do with him, so you don't have to pull

Cassandra sighed," But as the saying goes, you should have sex with the emperor, and sooner or later, I'll grow old like a pearl becoming yellow. By that time, if Martin doesn't like me anymore, I'll have nothing, and even the sky will collapse? I don't have the right to choose my life, no matter it's Martin or anybody else. I'm willing to stay with him just because I like him and I want to stay with him. Otherwise, he has to keep my body, not my heart. "

Silent for a moment, Carlos said, "I feel relieved after hearing your words. To be honest, I have always been worried that you still haven't got over with Roger, and master he don't believe you really let it go, After all, you have accompanied Roger for so many years, and you can't forget it overnight. But today, you can say that, I am really happy for master.''

Cassandra was calm, but there was a murderous look in her eyes.

Carlos was right that her accompany and waiting over the years could not be forgotten overnight. She had almost spent half of her life, but she had received such a result.

It was not that she had given up so easily, but that she had experienced life and death and seen through what she really was under the disguise.

Now the God had given her a chance to rebirth. She would take back everything she had suffered in her previous life!

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