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   Chapter 198 lead a peaceful life

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Then she walked straight towards the gate.

Carlos and Greyson looked at each other in speechless despair. How could you play according to common rules for one time? ?

Who dare break her legs?

'Even if I touch her, my master will chop my hands off!

Carlos and Greyson were very anxious, but they saw that Cassandra suddenly stopped. They were happy and were about to go up to continue persuading her, but they saw a slender figure standing at the door.

The man was only in a wide white hospital gown, with a black suit on his shoulder. He looked pale because of illness. He propped the door frame with one hand, and his dim eyes were staring at Cassandra.

"Come here." Martin said in a hoarse voice, breathing a little faster and faster.

With her back straightened and feet clenched, Cassandra stared at Martin unblinkingly, fearing that it was just her illusion. After a moment, she lifted her heavy legs and walked towards the man step by step.

"It's windy outside. Why do you come out?" Cassandra walked to him and wrapped his coat tightly.

He seemed to have lost a lot of weight after a few days' separation. It was rare to see a trace of tiredness on his pale and morbid face. "I am afraid that you can't find me."


Greyson didn't know what to say

'Who said master wouldn't say sweet words...'

They must have seen a fake Martin! !

What an amazing way to flirt with girls!

As soon as Cassandra heard this, she blurted out without hesitation, "well, they stopped me just now. I'm sorry that your wife was so smart, I argued with them seriously for a long time and made no excuses for them. I'm excellent, aren't I?''

"Yeah, you're great, '' replied Martin

With a henpecked face, Cassandra reached out to hold Martin. The Martin had only managed to get his feet through the door frame, but now he was almost pr

n was stunned for a few seconds and then came to his sense. Immediately, he ran to the place with his followers. He had finally seen the scene that he offended Martin. It was just a trifle thing. If he irritated Cassandra, he would surely die!

After all, Martin was in danger. What else could they do?

"Are you still angry with me?"

Cassandra snorted, "I don't want to be angry with you. Go and have a check first.''

Lowering his head, Martin said, "okay.''

He had seen her many times, angry, sad, painful

All the happiness, anger and sorrow were for another person, but at this moment, when he saw her face full of anger, he had never been so Joy

Well, he didn't even realize that he could be so shameless.

It's just because she's all attributed to him, no one else.

After Kevin had a thorough examination with some bodyguards on Martin, Cassandra relieved a lot after making sure that there was nothing wrong with Martin's body for the time being.

As soon as Martin got out of the room, he couldn't hold on any longer and fell asleep again.

Then Cassandra said to Kevin and Carlos, "come out with me. I have something to ask you.''

Carlos and Kevin looked at each other. Sister in law, please spare our lives!

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