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   Chapter 197 all because of you

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6450

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As soon as her voice fell, a sudden ringtone broke the silence in the room. It was from Carlos and then Cassandra.

Taking his cellphone out of his pocket immediately, Carlos frowned when he saw the caller ID, sliding the screen, he picked up the phone, "Kevin, what happened?''

At the same time, Cassandra picked up the phone with a grave face. A few seconds later, her face suddenly changed, and her fingers that held the phone tightened, "what did you say? Why did Martin pass out? Make it clear! What do you mean by a narrow escape?! Where did you learn that language? "

However, at this moment, Carlos was so worried that he was about to cry, 'bro, what are you waiting for? We are in such a hurry. How can we bother with this?

"Sister, could you stop talking? Let's go to see the master first!'' Carlos said hurriedly with red eyes.

Pressing her lips tightly, Cassandra replied in a hoarse voice, "okay.''

It had only been a few days since they met last time, but it had become worse

In her previous life, although Martin was in poor health, he had not been in such a bad condition. She wondered what was wrong with him?

"Tell me the truth. Did anything happen to him these days?" "What are you doing?".

He was scared by her eyes and nothing else happened? His wife is leaving, how can my master calm down?

Moreover, since his sister-in-law left home, he hadn't had a chance to close his eyes. Moreover, since then, he hadn't been able to get a rest. Moreover, he was in poor health and hadn't rested for long

"Carlos, tell me the truth. Is there something wrong with your company?'' Said Cassandra, staring at Carlos. That was the only reason she wanted.

Martin had no personal life at all. Except for work, he could barely have a rest when he was with her. But that was only for a short time. No matter how strong his body was, it would be unbearable if he stayed with her

at he wanted to hide himself! ! I want to live

Cassandra gave a cold glance at Greyson, "master Greyson, say it again. Think twice before you make up your mind.''

Feeling like crying, Greyson's lips twitched a few times before he could say carefully, "well, mistress, In fact, nothing serious happened to master, he had experienced this before. Mr. Kevin is a good doctor, master will be fine... "

With a frosty face, Cassandra squinted his eyes coldly, Before she could say anything, Carlos wiped the cold sweat and said, "that's right! Greyson is right, master will be fine. Sister in law, take it easy. I'll go inside and check the situation first, okay? ''

"No, '' replied Cassandra expressionlessly


It was too late for her to continue talking! !

"Well, what do you want? Since the operation is also conducted inside, you can only wait outside The air here is fresh. How about I cook something for you? "

They dared not to disobey the order of their master before he went unconscious, but they would rather afraid to offend their mistress than their master!

More importantly, the health of his master might not be good, so he ordered specifically

Did his master really

"I must go inside today. If anyone dares to stop me Break my legs first! "

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