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   Chapter 196 don't spoil men too much

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Johnny nodded, "well, the senior leaders in Yan Jingshi city are my friends when I was in college, and I've been writing with them for a period of time. Do you want to write books or scripts too?"

"I'm afraid I can't write any good news about my capability, I just want to talk about cooperation with them," replied Cassandra frankly

"Talk about cooperation? They haven't invested in any group yet. Do you want to ''

Cassandra chuckled, "buy their IP address. I can buy them if they want.''

Johnny didn't have any idea how to buy a IP, Although he didn't have a big IP, an internet change would take place soon. IP had become one of the hottest trends and was widely accepted by the public.

Johnny looked at Cassandra, he appreciated Cassandra's acting skills. But now, he appreciated Cassandra's independence and confidence.

He once said that there was never a lack of gifted acting geniuses in the entertainment circle. On the contrary, many geniuses with real talent didn't live well in this circle. After all, there were too many temptations in this circle, and not everyone could see the temptation and climb up step by step.

Johnny nodded," Okay. I will make an appointment with him later. By the way, how is your wound?''

Naturally, Johnny was also concerned about the news conference of Ye group. Outsiders didn't know who Samuel was, but he did know. In recent days, he had been trying to call Cassandra and ask her about that, but he didn't know how to speak it out. He asked directly when he ran into Cassandra today.

While speaking, Cassandra glanced at her arm, and frowned. Martin had been angry with her for a long time, and she did want to coax him. However, at this time, if she softened her attitude, it meant that she should give in. Therefore, she couldn't coax him.

Cassandra rubbed her forehead, "I'm fine. It's just a minor wound.''

As Johnny o

f Cassandra, Martin had no bottom line.

However, Cassandra was like a wild horse without rein after she came out of the house. She went so far that she could still stay in a room with a strange man in the middle of the night. What's more, Martin didn't kill Johnny at that time. Therefore, Carlos thought that Martin was very generous.

Carlos rubbed his swollen temples and said, "well, mistress, I don't mean that, It's clearly your fault at first. You promised my master that you wouldn't be hurt again, but you broke the rules first. How can you blame my master now?''

To be honest, he didn't know that Cassandra was such a shameless person before!

Embarrassed, Cassandra turned away and mumbled, "it was an accident, I have explained it many times, but he still doesn't listen to me, Men shouldn't be spoiled, Tell him when you get home to have a proper identity, or I'll fall in love with another man and cheat on him one day."

The corners of Carlos's mouth twitched. Did she think that the trouble was not serious enough?


But they didn't cherish what they couldn't get!

"So you are not going back?" Carlos was about to cry.

Cassandra squinted at him, "No. he either accepted the contract of shame or let me do whatever I want.''

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