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   Chapter 195 I won't let you down

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 7034

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"Yes, he is quite busy recently." Cassandra said casually.

Without sensing anything abnormal, Johnny went to the sofa and sat down. He saw that Cassandra was writing a manuscript on the computer screen on the tea table.

Cassandra took a cup of water to Johnny," Well, director Johnny is here at this moment. I have a question to ask.''

"Okay, what is it?"

Cassandra scratched her head and said, "well, here is the thing, I've been studying the shooting recently and know a lot about it. I'm a newcomer. Director Johnny, please give me some advices.''

"You want to change to be a director?" Johnny looked at Cassandra and asked, Then she continued, "in our industry, the best actress and the director are not something new, right? Moreover, I majored in director when I was in college. As long as there is a good chance, I also want to try to do behind the scene. "

It was a common phenomenon in the entertainment circle to be excellent and talented. After all, acting was popular when they were young, especially for female celebrities. Once they were in their middle age, their roles were limited. No matter how famous they were in the past, they would always be no match for the most famous artists. Therefore, many female artists passed the golden period and they could continue to perform some important roles with their hard acting skillsThe supporting roles were either turned back to the scenes.

Generally speaking, director and producer were two important ways for female artists to turn to the backstage. As long as they had resources and interpersonal resources, and they also had good publicity in their works, it was not difficult for them to become famous in the entertainment industry.

Most importantly, they could have sex in the dark. That was the only way she could think of.

With knitted eyebrows, Johnny pursed his lips and asked, "do you want to hear the truth?''

Then Cassandra nodded, "of course.''

"As a director, before I choose an actress, I have to consider a lot of things, especially in choosing actors, and I have never been affected by anythi

t became the biggest winner at the golden brown award nearly overnight. And it had been nominated many international awards. It was either the director or the actor of the movie, and even the set of it was well-known.

Since it was a popular movie, Cassandra also paid attention to it, and of course, she had seen it more than ten times. She could remember most of the scenes and lines in the middle clearly. Now, what she needed to do was to infer the complete outline of the movie and then prepare to shoot it.

She could do everything that that director could do!

She still had five years before she could restart, and she believed that she could rebuild the best situation of that year!

"Okay. By the way, I heard that you are familiar with several senior leaders of Yan Jingjing group. Could you spare some time to introduce me to them?" Upon thinking of the IP address, Cassandra remembered to buy it in advance.

If she wanted to make money by acting or director, she didn't know how long she would have to struggle, so she had to start from one aspect.

Yan Jingshi group was just a new Internet company. However, in a few years, with the IP of the company, the market value of the company increased rapidly. The industry chain was almost completed. After that, it was listed in M country and became the backbone of the Internet company. It would be unparalleled in a short time.

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