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   Chapter 193 you don't love me at all

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6669

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"Let me help you."

In the doctor's office, Martin said in an unusual hoarse voice.

Cassandra was stunned. "What? You do it? Are you sure you can get stitches? "

Why did she feel so unreliable with Martin? Was her arm broken?!

How am I supposed to turn him down so that I can behave well?

Cassandra thought anxiously and sadly!

Suddenly, Kevin stood up and said, "master, you please, I'll go out and guard for you.''

'Master, how loyal I am!

The corners of Cassandra's mouth twitched. If she continued to set up a trap for Kevin, he must be a henchman now.

'forget it. The man I chose is supposed to be spoiled even if he knelt down. I have to get stitches, something serious. At the worst, he just fainted...'

After Kevin left, there were only Cassandra and Martin left in the medical room.

Martin sat down opposite to Cassandra, who took a quick glance at Martin and said in a low voice, "well, it seems that Can you stop being angry? "

A man should be coaxed

Lowering his head, Martin didn't say anything, but skillfully stitched the wound. Every time the needle flew through his heart, it was as if his heart was bleeding.

"Oh my God. It doesn't hurt at all, Martin, You are so good at medical skills. How could Kevin be so weak?'' Cassandra immediately flattered Martin.

Maybe it was because of her illusion, or because of the pain in the wound of her arm, she became numb. She didn't feel any pain when Martin got stitched, and even the needle became less scary.

It was not until the wound was stitched that Martin carefully bound up the wound. Despite his cold face, he acted very gently for fear of hurting her arm.

"Hey, Martin, could you please tie a beautiful bowknot to me This is really a very embarrassing marriage. " Someone grumbled in secret.

After a short pause, he untied the gauze and tied a bow to her.

Satisfied, Cassandra looked at her arms, "how can you do that? I feel that I've married you as if I'm a walk

ad done in her heart was just like this in her eyes?

There was a terrible dead silence in the air.

The coldness on his face just faded little by little. On his chiseled face, there was a note of strangeness and indifference.

He took her back by force at the beginning. He thought he could have her, but from beginning to end, it was just his wishful thinking.


A sense of inability rose from the bottom of his heart.

After a long time, he loosened his grip on her wrist slowly, turned around and walked out. Cassandra stood on tiptoe, with her eyes fixed on Martin.

Didn't she say something heavy just now?!

As soon as Martin opened the door, Carlos came up to them and flattered, "master, sister-in-law..."

"Send her back," Martin suggested.

"What? Okay, I'll be right there. "

After a few seconds of silence, Martin said, "return to the Scenic Garden.''

Carlos was stunned. What was going on? What happened? 'My master asked me to send her back to the Scenic Garden...'

Did he hear it wrong?

Carlos swallowed and said: "well, the mistress's, the sister-in-law's injury...''

"Do you need me to say it again?" said Martin, shooting a viper like gaze at Carlos, Hearing that, Carlos immediately shook his head like a rattle drum. "No, no! No need! I'll arrange it right away! "

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