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   Chapter 192 don't you say that he is not the other lover

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6178

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"What? Director Kevin, this patient... "

His face fell. "What's wrong? Do you think I can't even handle such minor injuries? "

The doctor's lips twitched and said weakly, "I didn't mean that. I mean..."

His face was as dark as a black pan. "What did you say? Get out! "

The doctor was kicked out before he could figure out the condition.

"Is he here?" Swallowing her saliva, Cassandra said slowly.

"Ha-ha...'' said Kevin. What do you think? Not to mention that she was really injured this time. Even if she coughed twice, your man would be so nervous!

Were all men in love stupid?

"Yes, they are here. Are you sure you want the mistress to stay here?" he answered impatiently


'How dare he describe me like that?

What the fuck!

Cassandra was speechless, This is my friend, Hackett, the director of the Weekly Heaven Seal. Don't talk nonsense. "

With a sneer, Kevin said, "Ha-ha. you have called him Hackett for a long time, How could you say that he is not your mistress?''

Cassandra, "..."

I will kill this bastard!

Speechless, Cassandra glanced at him and thought, 'big brother, I'm in men's wear now. You are so fucking...' Damn it!

On the other hand, Madeline was staring at Augustine angrily. Just now, his words shocked him like a thunder.

It's What happened?

What mistress

Was Samuel Gay? ?

"Well Hackett, don't listen to him. He can't be decent. I am okay with my sexual orientation. I have a girlfriend. '' Said Cassandra.

Hackett opened his mouth, trying to say something. But he failed. He was like a statue, standing still.

All he wanted to do now was slap himself

Wake up. You are even more honest than before! !

At this time, the door of the medical room was pushed open again. The moment the door was pushed open, the surrounding temperature

The cut is so deep, what if

Cassandra drew back her neck and wanted to explain, but stopped as she saw the man's unhappy face.

After she was reborn, she rarely saw the expression of Martin. His face was sinister and straight, and his back was straight. In his gloomy eyes, there was deep cold air, and he was like a Shura returning from the hell, full of suffocating pressure.

The huge space froze in an instant.

"All right, Martin, I think I want to have stitches. " Cassandra spoke helplessly.

Men were supposed to be spoiled. They would be satisfied if they could be spoiled.

Martin nodded and cast a cold glance at Kevin.

Suddenly, a storm was coming and Kevin couldn't help trembling. He felt as if he was as poor as a fatty and couldn't bear his fury

After the stitches were ready, Kevin started to cut the cut. But before his hand could touch Cassandra's hand, Cassandra stared at him with a pale face. "Mr. Kevin, can you be gentle in doing this? Besides The needle Can I change a smaller one? Don't make me look so ugly. I feel a little dizzy by your makeup. "

Kevin was speechless, "..."

'it's useless to sew a needle. Fine, you do it first!'!

Do you think it's easy to get stitched?

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