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   Chapter 191 I just got a little blood phobia

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"My fault? It's my fault, If it weren't for me, how could miss Louisa be able to see through your false mask? But Mr. Mathew may not know that the show was arranged by me, from the cloud hall to the Luxury Hotel I carefully arranged everything for you We're waiting for you to set a trap for us! "

Mathew's eyes were as big as bells. He stood in a straight line and clenched his fists. It turned out that everything was caused by this bitch!

He knew it! How could that bitch find so much information all of a sudden and was so determined to divorce him!

The cloud hall, Samuel had arranged everything well since the entry of the cloud hall!

Mathew's eyes were red with anger, and his face was extremely gloomy. He never dreamed that his perfect plan would be destroyed by a bitch. How could he bear it?!

Gluing his cold eyes on Cassandra, Mathew grabbed his knife and rushed at Cassandra. He swore to himself that he would bring this bitch with him even if he had to die!

With a wave of his sword, Mathew stabbed directly into the heart of Cassandra who seemed to have expected his move. She said that just now on purpose to provoke Mathew in order to distract his attention and let him attack her, so that Louisa would be safe.

The dazzling and cold blade was about to pierce Cassandra's heart. With a jerk, she instinctively raised her arm and blocked it in front of her chest.

"Samuel! !"

In the meeting room, there were a few exclamations suddenly.

Hackett rushed to the arena almost at once. The security guards who had already passed through were now surrounding him. In the chaos, evil Mathew was controlled by a group of security guards. They grabbed the knife in his hand and pressed him on the ground.

Because of this sudden change, the whole conference room was in a complete mess. Almost all the cameras were focused on the stage. The person in charge of the Ye group who commit a murder in public, and the most mysterious man in th

s a child. If she had to get stitches, wouldn't it kill her?

The doctor pushed up the glasses on the bridge of his nose and said, "young man, your wound is so deep. If you don't get stitches, it will be easy to tear it over and over again, and it will cause complications. What's more, it's not difficult to get stitches of this level. It will be healed within a few minutes."

The reason why she didn't want to have stitches was that she was afraid of pain.

Hackett pursed his lips tightly and said in a low voice, "is there any problem?''

Of course, there were some other problems

Before Cassandra could reply, a rush of footsteps came from the outside of the corridor. Then, the door of the medical room was pushed open, and Kevin ran in panting. The doctor was stunned. "Director Kevin, what's wrong with you..."

With his eyes almost glued to the arm of Cassandra, Kevin thought, 'damn it, I came back as soon as I was informed that I have to run for my life. It's not a bad result. The wound on Cassandra's arm is rather deep this time...'

Wait! Why did this woman always make trouble!

She was the most naughty girl he had ever seen. If she got into trouble, she would make it. Could you please not cause me any trouble!

Then Kevin waved his hand impatiently and said, "you go out first.''

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