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   Chapter 190 it is true love

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 4796

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The video was over soon.

Louisa looked at Mathew and said, "don't try to fool me and all the people, The reason why you turned back today was that, without Ye family's support, Kopsas Group was nothing but a pile of mud. You still want to stabilize your cooperative partners, so that Kopsas Group could go on, right?

Huh Without me, what are you? From now on, you have nothing to do with the Ye family. How did you get everything from me in the first place? Now, I'll take it back. "

Mathew stood tense, and there was a trace of depression in his eyes. He had thought that even if he couldn't save Louisa, at least he could temporarily suppress the public opinion and fight for a chance of survival for the company

Now, the road was blocked by Louisa!

You bitch!

Mathew's face was full of malice. No, he couldn't admit defeat so easily! It took him a lot of effort to get what he was today. How could he be ruined by this woman so easily!

He didn't want to live such a cold life any more. He didn't! !

Like a wild animal out of control, he suddenly rushed towards Louisa. His move was so fast, and no one had expected that he would be so crazy to kill others in public.

No one had time to react before Mathew held Louisa in his arms and grabbed a sharp dagger out of nowhere.

"You bitch! Believe it or not, I will stab you to death now! Damn it! "Darren, call that old bastard, George right now! Give

about him, as if he appeared out of nowhere and then disappeared afterwards. He was originally a mystery that no one could solve.

The moment Samuel appeared, Mathew's face changed instantly. Last night, this man had been following Louisa by her side. He did not notice the man, but he did not expect that all this was caused by this man!

If it were not for this man, he would not have ended up like this!

At the moment, Hackett was almost driven mad. Samuel was still around him just now, but why did he suddenly go up to the stage.

Now, Mathew was crazy. Who knew what he would do next? What if he lost control and hurt Samuel?!


The next second, he walked through the crowd, approaching the stage. There was only one thought on his mind - he couldn't let Samuel get hurt!

At this moment, on the stage, Mathew was so enraged that he stared at Cassandra like a monster out of control and roared, "it's all your fault, bitch!''

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