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   Chapter 189 you are looking down upon them

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 4701

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Is it all your fault?

He loved her?

Hadn't he thought that it was meaningless for him to say that until now?

There was dead silence in the meeting room. All eyes fell on Mathew. Even the cameras were set up and turned to him.

In the video, Mathew looked very sad and sorrowful. His clothes were not properly dressed, and his chin was a little cyan. He looked haggard, totally different from the business tycoon who was talking and laughing in high spirits.

He owed Louisa everything. Now without Louisa, he was just a stray dog!

Step by step, Mathew walked towards the stage. None of the media reporters would let him go easily.

"It was all my fault. I was obsessed at that time Otherwise, why would I fall into that bitch's trap? Honey, please forgive me this time, okay? I always love you Honey, I beg you. Please don't divorce me. Please don't abandon me. " Seeing that Louisa was emotionless, Mathew gritted his teeth and continued to plead.

No matter what, he must try his best to restore his public image. Moreover, the company was facing a huge crisis. Even if he and Louisa could not remarry, the business world was like a battlefield. As long as he created an illusion that he and Louisa could get back together, those business partners would not dare to mess with him again.

If he had known that Louisa was so ruthless, he would never have been so stupid to

coldly, "you What are you up to? The Kopsas Group belongs to me. Don't you ever think about it! ''

Louisa was expressionless," It's too late. Don't you think that you have gotten everything? But I won't let your wishes come true. I will let you lose everything and your reputation. "

In great anger, Mathew laughed, "huh! Louisa, do you really think you can do everything in this city? As long as I give them more benefits, they will never be afraid of you! "

"Really? Then, which one do you think is better to offend me and cooperate with you? Profit? Ye family is a huge capital chain. Even if they are not afraid of us, I can smash them to death with money. Besides, without my support, do you really think that these cooperators will listen to you? On the other hand, even though some people really think highly of you, I will still do the same. I will pay you double, five or ten times as much as you pay Can you afford it? "

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