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   Chapter 186 are you jealous

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6527

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"Susan, help Susan, please help me You asked me to set up Cassandra, but now Now that I've become like this, you must save me If not, Mathew would kill me Susan, please help me... "

Yvonne begged hysterically on the other side of the phone. At this moment, she had completely lost her mind. Susan was her last hope.

After Mathew came back to beat her, he locked her up in his room, whereas his men came in one after another and ravaged her. Now she had a high fever, and her whole body was like a broken rag, without any vitality.

Out of the instinct to survive, she made her last breath and thought of Susan.

'Susan is Roger's girlfriend. For her sake, Roger will promise to protect her...' thought Yvonne He will! !

If she had known it would be like this, she would never have seduced Mathew. Now she was not only unable to protect herself, but also afraid that she would die

Susan's face was full of disgust and her eyes were filled with coldness. But she pretended to be very anxious and asked, "Yvonne, what's going on? When did I allow you to set up Cassandra? But don't worry. You're my sister, so I won't just stand by and do nothing when you are in trouble. I've told to Roger that as long as you didn't make any noises and didn't cross the line, the company would still treat you well in the future. Do you understand what I mean?''

All of a sudden, Unna became thrilled and exclaimed, "really? Susan, will you really help me? "

"Of course! When did I ever lie to you? As long as I am here, after this time the wind pass, there are resources and connections, you can still bid for nothing? "

'of course I understand what Susan means. As long as she shut her mouth and doesn't bite others, I will make a comeback, ' she thought to herself

That was the rule in this industry. All people had a poor memory and would not care about the old news as long as new news appeared in a short time.

Yvonne seemed to seize

with Cassandra. He had experienced some love affairs, and Samuel's voice had been so ambiguous that it reminded him of the scene that he had been flirted by Samuel in the car last night.

Hackett's face turned red as if he had been struck by lightning. Then he said awkwardly, "well, you go ahead with your business first.''

Then she hung up the phone quickly.

All her attention was on Martin, so Cassandra didn't sense the abnormality of Hackett. After hanging up the phone, she grabbed one of his hands and said, "what are you doing, Martin? It was daytime, okay! I'm discussing business with Hackett. What's wrong with you?''

How could he tolerate his wife flirting with other men?

"He is a man," said Martin

The corners of Cassandra's mouth twitched. Of course it was nonsense. If Hackett wasn't a man, how could he be a woman?

Eh Wait

Something was wrong!

'according to his reaction and tone, is he jealous?'?

But her relationship with Hackett was really pure Definitely! !

However, she had no idea how it would cause Martin's heartburn? If she looked at other men one more time, he would think that she was going to betray him

Forget it, all men should be spoiled, how much will they spoil.

Daily life was just like her daily life. He was all jealous!

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