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   Chapter 185 what a lucky day

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6308

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Yvonne sat on the sofa stiffly, clenching her fists, her eyes fixed on the tablet computer in front of her. The topic about Mathew was still rising, and she was made the target of all the people

How could this be!

What went wrong

When Yvonne's face went pale, her phone suddenly rang. She wiped the cold sweat off her forehead and looked at the phone next to her. The caller ID was an unfamiliar number.

She stared at the phone in horror and didn't dare to answer it. A moment later, the phone stopped ringing. There was dead silence in the hall.

Yvonne was relieved, the next second, her phone rang again. And the amount of comments under her microblog account kept rising

No home wrecker, get out of the entertainment circle! ! ]

'son of bitch! How disgusting you are. ]

Why are you not going to die! I can't tolerate a jerk like you! '! ! ]

Are you crazy about being famous? Everyone knew that this home wrecker had a dissolute life? How dare you help the lover? You are really a scum! ]

No wonder that the golden brown award owed you an ordinary golden man. How could someone say that you were not good at acting? ]

Yvonne's face turned gray and her whole body was trembling lightly. She sat there in dismay. However, it was just the beginning.

Soon, it was exposed on the Internet that the child Yvonne was carrying was not Mathew's, but Allen's, an excellent celebrity under the star empire.

Besides, many pictures of Allen and Yvonne going to the hospital for prenatal checkups were also leaked.

As soon as this microblog post was released, the whole micro blog was completely paralyzed. For several minutes, since it could not bear heavy logged in, it was unable to log in directly, and many of its accounts had been deleted

Yvonne was shaking all over. She threw the tablet PC to the ground, and the screen instantly broke into seve

don't get involved in it. Don't worry too much.''

Hearing that, Susan breathed a sigh of relief. She said, "I trust you, Mr. Roger is a thoughtful man. But a cornered dog will jump over the wall. I don't know what will happen to Yvonne and how she will bite people Mr. Song, you'd better be careful. ''

"Wow, this beauty is indeed Mr. Roger's good wife. Don't worry, I will deal with it properly to minimize the negative impact on the company.''

Susan said, "Well, I certainly believe in Mr. Song's ability. If there's nothing else, you can go ahead with your work. If you have any problem, just tell me.''

Mr. Song said something else and hung up.

Susan put down her cell phone and her eyes became bright and cold. No matter what, she had to be prepared in advance if Yvonne intended to make a false counter charge. However, her reputation was bad now. No matter what she said, no one would believe it

But it was a pity that she let Cassandra get away again.

She wouldn't be so lucky next time!


Susan's phone suddenly rang. She took a look at the screen and saw it was from Yvonne.

Susan's face changed abruptly. 'what is she calling for?' she wondered?

Did she really want to drag her down?


No way! '!

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