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   Chapter 171 your people

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6562

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"What are you talking about?" Hackett wiped his face to keep himself awake.

It must be because he hadn't slept at all last night that he had this ridiculous idea. It must be!

Resting her head on one of her hands, Cassandra began to talk with the lazy look on her face, "the man you just mentioned, who is going to have a pregnancy test with Yvonne, is indeed an insider in this circle, but not very famous. He has always been in the second or third class. He is a piece of waste that can't be held by any means. You must have heard of him, who is Allen, the most famous star in the play," The Blockbuster ", the crew, even including all the crew of the play, the supporting roles of the 18 lines have become popular. He, with a large fortune, has never become famous. Before this, there have been countless negative news, including Allen, who has attempted to rape. ''

In her previous life, after the fall of Mathew, it was obvious that Yvonne's affair couldn't be kept inside a secret. The media immediately revealed that the man behind Yvonne was Allen. So Cassandra casually paid attention to him.

Allen started his career at a very young age. He wasn't very famous, and just stayed in the second or third grade. However, he was very capable. With a handsome face and a good tongue, it was unknown how many innocent girls were harmed by him, and even the scandal of sleeping with other girls was exposed. However, since there was no evidence, it was unknown later.

However, deep inside, Allen didn't really like Yvonne. He just regarded her as a fool, who liked to be fooled and squandered money. After she became the daughter of Mathew, she had requested a lot of resources from Mathew, especially after she married to Mathew. She even unscrupulously used the money to buy Allen. While enjoying the money and resources provided by Yvonne, Allen enjoyed everything she provided, Besides, she was rain's mistress. It was weird and shameless.


ou can't just stay away from Allen for two days. Keep an eye on him. A dog can't change its spots. Yvonne has been helping him. She even carried the baby at the risk of being discovered by Mathew. You can see how much she loves him. Let's take advantage of this opportunity Please give him another hand. "

Hackett immediately understood what she meant. "You mean, even they are..."

"I won't attack unless I am attacked. They must pay for it.'', Cassandra said coldly, her face turning cold

"Your people?'', Hackett blurted out almost without thinking

All of a sudden, her words were caught on the spot by Hackett. Embarrassed, Cassandra rubbed her chin and explained, "of course, Cassandra is my friend. Don't you think it's common to say such words? You are always arrogant.''

Hackett was speechless. He almost thought that Cassandra was Samuel's girlfriend

Hackett breathed a sigh of relief. "Well then, I'll deal with Allen Just let me know if I can be of any help. "

Then, Cassandra smilingly said, "there are certainly many things for you to do in the future, such as the follow-up news, disclosure and so on, All of them are exclusive information for your company, With these materials, it's hard for your company not to become famous, Hey, Hackett, how are you going to thank me?"

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