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   Chapter 170 I have a bold guess

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"Well, let's stop talking about this. It's getting late. Let me drive you home first, okay?" Lowering his eyes, he gently rubbed her head with his slender fingers.

In fact, since they got married, Martin wanted a child. The child was the evidence of their blood relationship. Only with this child would he be sure that he really married Cassandra.

What's more, if he really died one day, this child could inherit everything of Lu clan legitimately, in terms of Cassandra Even for the sake of this child, she would stay with him and take care of the business empire that he had founded.

But she could tell from the girl's reaction that she didn't want to have a baby at all. Maybe she just wanted to have a career, or she did it for some other reasons. Actually, Martin didn't want to pursue the matter and he never wanted to force her to do anything she didn't like.

'I have years ahead of me...'

All of a sudden, Cassandra sat up and said, "I have a lot of things to do. By the way, where is that bitch, Mathew?''

"I'll keep it for you. You can dispose of it at your free will."

All of a sudden, she heaved a sigh of relief. "That's all right. I thought that you would kill him directly because you were angry. Then what should I do? The entertainment circle is like this. They all think that I have no background. Humph, they simply don't know anything about power! I don't need to bother Mr. Lu to do this for me. I can handle it. "

Martin's face remained sullen. If not for the fact that Cassandra wanted to directly dispose of Mathew, by reprimand, perhaps the whole Zhu family, including the power behind him, had been wiped out from the capital.

"Are you sure that you don't need my help?"

"Of course not! You crippled him as soon as you disposed, okay? Besides, I've gotten enough evidence. What I need to do is to end it, Martin, stop treating me like a three-year-old kid. I'll grow up. I'l

ocking chair leisurely and said: "well, you go on.''

Please start your performance~

In fact, Cassandra could guess what Hackett was going to say. In her previous life, she had already known that the child that Mathew kept thinking about was not his. But it was too late when Mathew knew it. By that time, he had divorced his ex-wife. He was utterly discredited. The only heir was not his blood. He couldn't bear the irritation, And he completely went crazy.

In the end, it was nobody else's fault but his own.

Hackett picked up a picture on the table and said in a low voice, "if I'm not wrong, that child It shouldn't be Mathew, but this man's disguise is so brilliant that it should be people in the circle. He hides it well and knows how to avoid the key parts of the photo. So, I can't find out who this man is for the time being. "

Then Cassandra scratched her head and asked, "do you want to hear what I'm going to say?''

Hearing Samuel's voice, Hackett's pupils shrank It seemed like he was flirting with him!

damn! !

Though Hackett knew that he shouldn't let his imagination run wild, Samuel's voice was so tempting that he straightened his back and replied in a hoarse voice, "well, say it."

"I risked my life last night and found out two things."

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