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   Chapter 169 do you think I'm not strong enough

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"Can you just stop?'', said Cassandra, burying her head into Martin's arms

Martin chuckled, but he tightened his arms. His suspended heart seemed to return to his body.

"Calvin Don't you really mind? " Martin suggested abruptly.

God knew how scared and dreadful he was after the love making incident, afraid that it was just an illusion, an unrealistic dream. What would he do if Cassandra woke up, rejected and hated him?

Therefore, he was not sure whether she didn't mind it when he saw her waking up

After all, he was taking advantage of her.

Cassandra seemed to feel the man's abnormal mood and remembered that their first time back home yesterday was probably because of an accident. But she made her own choice at last.

But the man cared about her attitude, afraid that she would hate him because of this.

What kind of love could make a person so careful?

Then Cassandra raised her head, seriously stared at Martin and said, "Martin, what I said last night was not wrong. If I didn't want to, I would rather die than say those words to you. I don't know what other people think, but for me, I would never make the move if I didn't want to give you anything. So, you don't have to be guilty. You don't have to be guilty. It's all was my own choice. Do you understand? "

If she didn't want to, she would rather die than become other's plaything.

She was willing to do that only because she liked it.

Martin's face suddenly froze. He stared at the girl in his arms in a trance. The situation he was worried about didn't happen, but now hearing the girl's words similar to confession of love, he was still in a daze.

"Calvin Bring me a child. " After a while, Martin said abruptly.

Cassandra almost burst into tears, 'brother, you want me to have a baby with you, as we slept together last night?!

Isn't the progress too fast?

Speechless, Cassandra g

Taking a deep breath, she said, "we will consider having a baby after you recover well Let's raise him up together. "

In her previous life, she owed her innocent child life. In this life, if it was inevitable after all, she would learn to accept it.

After a long while of silence, Martin finally opened his mouth, "if you don't want it, we can give it up. You don't have to force yourself.''

Martin had become the master of the Lu clan. If he was strong enough, his child would definitely take over the Lu group and the Lu clan from him in the future.

But he always took her feelings into consideration. He wouldn't force her if she didn't want it.

Cassandra's heart trembled with fear. After a long time, she said in a low voice, "I didn't mean that. I just think that it's too early to go back to the imperial capital city. My company has just begun, and you are taking care of yourself. I know what you are thinking. But, Martin, do you think I will be happy if I have a kid to accompany me?''

Martin's body was stiff. He thought his mind would not be found out by the girl, but unexpectedly, Cassandra had already seen through his mind.

He was not confident with his health. If he didn't live long, she would be too lonely in the world.

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