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   Chapter 168 I'll have you in my life

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This time, she seemed to be completely awake. She held Martin's face in both hands and gave him a deep kiss.

"Martin If it's you, I can Only you I only have you... " The girl stepped back and opened her mouth. She murmured in a hoarse voice.

He was the only man in the world who was really good to her and willing to give up everything for her.

It's enough to have you in my life. '.

After a long silence, Martin lowered his head and gently kissed on her lips as if there was endless tenderness and attachment. He felt that he had spent the rest of his life waiting for her words.

"I've lived with you for three thousand years Day and night. "

After he finished speaking, Martin kissed her on the forehead and thought, 'Calvin, even if you wake up, you will regret it, even if the person you love now is not me But, so what?

As long as I am alive, you can only have me in your life!

The kiss spread all over the room. The air in the room was hazy. Martin's movements were extremely soft, as if he was afraid of hurting the girl under his body

Outside the gate.

Standing at the door, Carlos and Kevin felt extremely embarrassed.

The whole floor had been cleared up. However, his mistress's voice could be heard even though there was another floor

Kevin's face was as green as a sheet. "Hey, man, are you sure They need me now? "

If his ears were not deaf, he could hear the noise in the room. Was it the reason why Carlos called him urgently and urgently just to let him listen to this?

Carlos was also embarrassed. His ears were red. To be honest, he didn't expect that his master would have sex with Cassandra just now

It was very complicated

For example, he was feeding the cabbage himself, but neither of them knew whether they were willing to buy some

He was more worried that when his sister-in-law woke up tomorrow morning, would she divorce his mast

ind now!

"Are you shy?" Asked Martin.

Cassandra, "..."

My dear brother, could you please stop mentioning it?

I don't care about my self-esteem?

However, when she thought that she had even slept with Martin, she was so arrogant

As soon as he was finished, Cassandra glared at him, "can you just shut up? I didn't expect that Now... "

Before she could finish her words, the man suddenly leaned his head on one hand and pressed his thin lips on hers. Cassandra suddenly silenced and her pupils shrank.

Early in the morning, you tease me again!

She had turned over the car last night!

Martin stretched out his hands and pulled her into his arms. This time, he had a blind date with her. At the sight of this, Cassandra's face was as red as a rose. She instinctively wanted to struggle, but she accidentally touched something hot

She pulled a long face and thought, 'Martin, you bastard!

"Don't move. Otherwise, I can't promise that I will have you this morning."

Hearing this, Cassandra immediately straightened her back. She hadn't recovered from the suffering last night. If he did it again, she might not need to get out of bed for a few days.

"Are you okay? Well Does it hurt? " Martin said awkwardly

The pain you suffered?

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