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   Chapter 165 you want to ask me out

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"Haha Susan is right. As long as my baby is born safely, I will Susan, thank you for helping me figure out this way. " The woman smiled and said.

"Don't be so formal with me? But this is something that needs to be kept as a secret. The less people know, the better. Even you can't say it's me who tipped the door to Mathew, you know? "

The woman immediately said, "Susan, don't worry. I'm not an ungrateful person. I'll definitely keep this secret after you help me so much this time."

"Well, that's good. You don't need to worry about the rest. Someone will deal with them."

Yvonne was in a good mood. "Well, I am not feeling well these two days. I will invite you to dinner another day as a reward to Susan, okay?"

"Don't be so formal with me, you're my best friend."

Yvonne immediately said some flattering words and hung up the phone. She put her hand on her belly and felt relieved. Fortunately, the baby came in time. Otherwise, how could she achieve her success today?

Huh Since someone had taken a bullet for her, she could just wait to be the lady of the Zhu family.

In a luxury private room of a large hotel in the capital city.

A large table of wealthy people were sitting around the table, surrounded by young beauties, among whom some were older than their daughters.

"Mr. Zhu, you are so envious of us. You not only decorated your home red flag, but also won a beauty of starry international. Now even that slut is your girlfriend Hey, hey, how do you feel? Tell me! " A short, fat and obscene man said as he put his hand on Anne's chest.

The group had almost finished their drinks. Now they were drinking like normal people. So they were not as stately as they used to be.

Mathew also drank a lot of wine. He pinched the lady's waist, licked his lips and smiled. "Wade, you are deliberately making fun of me

the bottom of Mathew's eyes. The photo was taken in a location, so there was nothing between him and Cassandra. But now that Cassandra took the initiative to come to him, which saved him a lot of trouble. If this woman was sensible enough, he could also try something new, and make a deal with Wade

Mathew laughed, "you want to ask me out?"

"Yes. I'd like to invite you to dinner. It's up to you, Mr. Zhu."

"I'm in room 1308 of Wanda hotel now. If you are sincere enough, come here. Let's have a good talk." Mathew said, rubbing his chin

"Okay. I happen to be in the neighborhood, so I'm coming to see you."

Wearing a successful expression, Mathew was sure that Cassandra climbed up directly, But he relaxed his vigilance and smiled, "well, I'll wait for you upstairs.''

After he hung up the phone, Mathew called his subordinates. Now that Cassandra had come to him voluntarily, he didn't have to take her away.

It was really a windfall~

At the downstairs of the Wanda grand hotel.

A black Bentley silently stopped in the lane nearby.

Cassandra stared at Marcus," Marcus, God, help me please It's okay for me to go there alone! "

Who would have thought that she would bring a sidekick to the event? ?

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