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   Chapter 164 do you believe her

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 7075

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"Well, I will find someone to investigate it as soon as possible. This is how it is in this circle. We don't have the final say on whether you are innocent or not. Since you just started your career and have a little experience, don't be under too much pressure." Said Kelvin.

"Don't worry, I will contact you as soon as I get any news," replied Cassandra with a chuckle''

"Okay. Be careful. It's the critical time now. No paparazzi can take any pictures of you, '', said Kelvin

This was the Yan's garden. Who could be photographed by reporters?

But thinking of this, Cassandra felt a little guilty, "well, I see. Kelvin, don't worry. I'm not that stupid.''

Kelvin exhorted a few more words, and then hung up the phone. Cassandra let out a deep breath and exhaled, and then dialed a number. As soon as she dialed, the other party immediately picked up.

"Hackett, I'm afraid I have to ask you for a favor." Cassandra switched the topic and asked in Samuel's tone.

At the other end of the phone, Hackett was busy working. All the equipment connected to the network with the tablet computer and spare phone in front of him were ringing one after another.

Hackett interrupted him immediately. "Do you want me to help Cassandra? Do you trust her? "

"What do you think?"

Hackett frowned, the topic of mistress of the online users was easy to ignite the anger of all the online users. Therefore, unless the general artists could successfully win the favor of mistress, otherwise their basically acting career would be over.

When the news came out, it was an explosive news on the whole Internet. A lot of people wanted to get her out of the entertainment circle. At this time, even if someone stood out to question, they would be cursed.

Hackett was in charge of the Weekly Heaven Seal. At this time, generally speaking, the media made great comments on Cassandra. So even if people didn't hit her when she was down, and only reposted or posted some comments would attract more people's attention. But on the contrary, if he stood out to help Cassandra at this time, it was just like he was e

However, she was not as stupid as she was in the previous life, letting others to slaughter her!

'no matter who he is, since he dared to hurt me, he must be prepared to pay the price!' she thought!

In a villa district of Jingshi city.

In a European style villa.

The mansion was covering an area of hundreds of square meters and was luxuriously decorated. The air of the mansion was full of an upstart.

A woman in heavy makeup was lazily sitting on the sofa, talking on the phone.

"Wow, Susan, you are really a smart woman. You are so wise to plot against Mathew. As soon as I told him, he immediately agreed. Now, not only my previous love affairs have gotten a hit, but also that his wife has focused all her attention on Cassandra, she is really an idiot." The woman asked in a coquettish voice.

"That's good. As long as he doesn't pay attention to you, you can have a good rest for the sake of our baby, right? Besides, he has taken good care of you, and you deserve a better man. I hope you can find a good husband. "

The woman sighed after hearing Susan's words. "Susan, to be honest with you, he is not taking care of me at all. He is just protecting the baby in my belly. The Zhu family has no children for so many years. If I was not pregnant with a son, do you think he dared to offend his wife?''

"Don't think so. All the things of the Zhu clan will belong to you by then."

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