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   Chapter 162 this is an order

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6447

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"Yes, I will..." "Whether in the heaven, in the earth or in the hell I will stay with you, so Promise me, keep living... "

In her previous life, she always wanted to escape from him. She thought that as long as she could escape, she would be able to live a cheerful and carefree life. However, it was not until now that she realized that the man she hated to the core had done everything to protect her.

All her escaping and dreaming were only illusions.

As she was reborn, her feelings for this man were also changing. From some point in time, she had thought that it would be good if she could stay with him forever.

After a long silence, Martin finally responded, "okay.''

With a slight smile appearing on her face, Cassandra stretched out her hand and said, "Martin, you have promised me that you will keep your promise. Come on. Let's play fingers and make a deal. One hundred years Don't change. "

The little girl seemed to be unable to wait any longer. She stretched out her hands, grabbed his fingers and made sure that they were obedient to each other like a child. She repeated, "tick, hang. Don't change in 100 years."

Then Cassandra let go of Martin's hand and said, "I'm going to take a shower now. I smell the sweat all over my body..."

"Yes," replied Martin

It was not until the girl bounced up the stairs that Martin seemed to come to his sense. He slowly looked at the small fingers of his right hand, on which there was still the temperature between the girl's fingers.

After a while, Martin raised his head and ordered, "go and find Hawk no matter where he is.''

Hearing that, Carlos was struck dumb for a while. Immediately, a look of great joy appeared on his face. Although Hawk's whereabouts was a mystery and it was not very difficult to find him, it was not difficult to find him as long as he was willing to work hard. Besides, they had paid attention to where the Hua famil

pair of invisible eyes in the dark observing his actions.

What went wrong?

A touch of coldness flashed in his eyes. He sat for a while. Suddenly, the door of the study was pushed open with a "click" sound.

Roger raised his head and saw a black figure wearing a black mask and a pair of dark eyes under the mask, the voice of a man came from the black stick in his hand.

The figure approached step by step. Probably because of his legs, he walked very slowly. Every step was like stepping on the heart of a person.

It was until the man walked to the desk and sat down slowly in front of it that he wore a pair of black gloves and wrapped all his fingers. With his hands holding the crutch, he sat there silently.

"Why are you here? I have told you that you are not allowed to come here to look for me if you have nothing important! I have told you that you are just one of my dogs. I am the only son of the GR Clan. Don't forget your identity! "

That man, like a ghost, said in a hoarse and deep voice, "don't worry, Mr. Roger, I have never extravagant hopes for anything. I have nothing to do with the GR Clan. If it hadn't been Mr. Roger who had saved my life, I'm afraid I would have died I'm just a dog for you to entertain. Mr. Roger, what are you afraid of? "

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