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   Chapter 161 will you always be with me

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6909

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In the Yan Garden.

It was a dark night with strong wind.

In the hall, Martin was sitting on the sofa, buried himself in the files. Within the fury, the man obviously wasn't paying attention to the brief case in front of him.

By the side, Carlos tried his best to lower his head and avoid being noticed by others.

To be honest, he couldn't bear the master's action of worrying about his wife and eloping with another man. Huh, if you have the ability to torture the dog here, go and find her back!

After a while, Martin raised his eyes and glanced at the time. He felt inexplicably irritable. He dropped the black pen in his hand and pinched the middle of his eyebrows tiredly. "Call Marcus over.''


It's beyond my imagination.

He knew that his sister-in-law was with Marcus these days, but his master called Marcus suddenly. He just wanted to ask when she would come back, How ridiculous It was indeed tortuous.

With a slight cough, Carlos took out his mobile phone and dialed a number. "Hello, my God, where are you now?''

At the other end of the phone, Marcus was sitting in the driver's seat, with his forehead covered with a black line, and he said, "Cindy's shop."

"Cindy shop? Why do you go to the orchard in such a heavy rain at night? "

He just couldn't understand why his sister-in-law was so stupid

Marcus stood with his back stretched. Nobody knew how irritable he was now. It was okay that his mistress wanted to buy some fruits, but she insisted on picking by herself. By the way, she even humiliated such a bachelor as him.

What bothered him?

He doesn't care about his reputation?

Marcus," mistress said the master had been taking medicine recently and it was too bitter. She bought some fruits for him and it isn't bitter.''

The corner of Carlos's mouth twitched, and his heart was a storm of tears. His sister-in-law was not here, but he could be fed up with such a scene. What a pity.

"Come back early after you buy it. It's too windy outside. Don't run away."

"Yes, sir!"

After hanging up

ad weather, she just wanted to go back to take a hot bath, and then lie on the bed doing nothing. It was just her time.

In the Yan Garden.

As soon as the car stopped, Cassandra immediately got out of the car and ran in with a paper bag. Then she thumped the bag down to the ground in front of Martin and said, "well, I just passed by the fruit orchard. I bought some for you. Take some when you take the medicine.''

Glancing at the paper bag and noticing her wet hair sticking to her forehead, he frowned and said, "go to take a shower. Don't catch a cold."

Cassandra, "..."

As she had expected, Martin being her father would be a perfect choice, This was what he first thought when they were enjoying the romantic moment, Speechless, Cassandra massaged her forehead, "Martin, you must be touched by what I have said Fine, I'm going to take a shower. "

After all, it was a long time to teach Martin who always behaved like a nerd.

When Cassandra was about to go upstairs, Martin suddenly said, "Calvin, if I can live long Will you be with me all the time? "

There was a sudden dead silence in the hall.

As for Cassandra, she didn't want to think about the issue between her and Martin and she even didn't want to get to the bottom of it. She couldn't imagine what she would do if Martin died one day, if Martin can live long, What would happen to her?

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