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   Chapter 160 who are you

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6186

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The night was coming and the rain was pouring.

Buried hill at random outside the capital.

In front of a gloomy and low house, there were a mountain of rubbish and a rotten smell. It was even more ghastly and cold under the pouring rain.

"Boom!" Then there was a loud bang and a loud thunder in the sky. The whole ground trembled because of the thunder. At this moment, the sky was covered with dazzling white.

A black commercial vehicle rushed over and stopped in front of the low building.

When the door was opened, a bald man, dressed in a black raincoat, got out of the car. Half of his body was instantly wet by the heavy rain. The bald man cursed, "Damn it! What the hell is wrong with the weather? 'fuck! Caleb, that bastard. He even asked us to beat him. He's an idiot! "

At this time, a thin man came out of the car. His face was slightly gloomy. "Seven, he told you to do so many things. Why do you have so much nonsense? This is the order from our boss. Cut the crap, or you will regret if you die here one day! "

The bald man snorted and then stretched his hand to drag a dark object out of the car. Since it was too dark here, the bald man couldn't see clearly what it was.

As soon as the dark mass was removed, his slender fingers moved slightly, and a very thin thread thing appeared between his fingers. At this moment, a lightning fell down, and the dim white light shone on the face of the tall and thin man, which was clearly seen that his face was full of murderous intent.


As the lightning flashed, a heart wrenching scream sounded.

"Damn it! You court death! "

The bald man kicked the black thing hard, trying to get rid of it.

The dark mass It was a man! !

The man was only wearing a torn clothes. His face was black and blue, and there were still traces of blood on the corner of h

s blood rushed over his head in an instant. He took a few steps back and fell down as if he had seen a ghost.

The withered finger covered his heart tightly. He lay on the ground pouring by the rain. His body convulsed for a few times and passed out directly.

The white figure didn't seem to expect this to happen. She touched the mask on her face, and touched the back side of her head with her finger. As she moved slightly, the mask fell off her face, revealing a pretty face. It was Cassandra.

After putting away the mask, Cassandra walked towards the man who was almost frightened to death. As soon as he saw Cassandra, his pale face was filled with fear. He wanted to run away instinctively, but he couldn't control himself and fell down on the ground like a pile of mud.

The rain poured down, and then Cassandra walked up to the man step by step, looking down at him. After a long time, she said in a cold voice, "Mason, you deserve it. Now I give you a way to live, do you want to live?''

That man's eyes narrowed sharply and stared at the white figure in astonishment. He had lost his voice after a long time, and he nodded madly, "yes, I do! I do! ! Please don't kill me I will do whatever you ask me to do! "

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