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   Chapter 159 what do you think if I ask you to pretend to be my father

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The people present didn't come to their senses until director Ryan finished his speech. Then, they stared at Cassandra with excitement.

Her acting skill and dressing were impeccable. This could be described as perfect!

Controlling the shock in her heart, Peggy looked at Cassandra with mixed feelings. If she hadn't known that Cassandra had just made his debut, she would have thought that her opponent was a A-list cafe!

Moreover, she felt that Cassandra didn't seem to be acting, but rather as if she was the Sophia who came back for revenge.

How could she have such an illusion?!

"Goddess, do you think I was swollen just now?" Cassandra begged obsequiously.

Hearing Cassandra's words, Peggy came to her sense and said, "well done! Well done! That's not a compliment.

Cassandra immediately smiled, "I finally got my goddess's praise! I will try harder next time! I will try my best to improve my acting skill. If you like, you can also take me to an actor group in the future? I heard that there was a predecessor in our troupe who was very good at acting, but he's been good at it all the time. "

Hearing that, Peggy thought of a person. She was snowed by the entertainment company of Rufus Media at that time, under the leadership of this predecessor. Technically, that person could be considered as her master.

Peggy nodded, "okay. I'll tell master Liang, If he agrees, I'll take you there.''

The next second, Cassandra rubbed her head against Peggy's arm and said, "okay! Goddess you are so kind to me!

Peggy smiled slightly. Compared with the favor that Cassandra saved her, this was nothing at all?

"Well Can I have your phone number? " After planting grass aside for a long time, Ken got up the courage to ask Cassandra's phone number with a red face.

Cassandra, "? ? ?"

Well, should she give him her phone number?!

What if Martin knew, After a short silence, Cassandra said, "okay. Give me your phone.''

Ken went wild with joy, he imm

ould be so calm. Otherwise, he might have given a ban on Ken and had completely banned him.

Martin," Well, you are right, you won't be allowed to leave your phone number to any other phone number was allowed to be left.''

Well, he's obliged to hook up with his wife's other boyfriends.

Cassandra was speechless. She thought she would gain experience after she told Martin. Moreover, she could discuss with him if there was really someone she liked. It would be good to give him a phone number

Well, she was still too young!

Curling her lips, Cassandra said, "well, as Kelvin said, I can't have any love affair now, So, I'm afraid that you have to make do with it for a while.''

"What do you want?", asked Martin, annoyed

With a guilty look on her face, Cassandra said, "well How about you pretend to be my father and put on an aggrieved look? Does it make sense? "

Martin was rendered speechless

How old was he in her eyes?!


Why didn't she ask him to act as her grandfather directly?

Martin's face was overcast with anger. He rubbed his forehead and asked, "why not brother?''

Cassandra said immediately," I don't have a brother. Sooner or later, I'll find out. Besides, call you as my father will be warmer than brother.''

So, was she trying to imply that he was old? ?

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