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   Chapter 157 I'm so nervous

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On the film set.

Having changed her clothes, Peggy was chatting with Director Ryan aside, with the main character, Adrian and the second man, Ken beside.

"In this drama, there are conflicts between outstanding figures. One is the lady of the demonic citizens who is in trouble. The other is the lady of the demonic clan who is determined to get rid of the evils after she became a famous family. This drama is mainly a battle between Peggy and Calvin in terms of physical and language. Of course, the leading man is also very important in this drama. What you need to do is to protect the leading lady in this drama and completely give up on the guilty and the love of the second heroine Do you understand? " Director Ryan said seriously.

Peggy nodded slightly and answered, "yes.''

Adrian also echoed a few words, at this moment, director Ryan turned to Ken song again and said in a low voice, "Ken, this scene is very important to you. You used to be a Nestor, but because of this royal banquet, you fell in love with the secondary lead. From then on, you will gradually turn into the secondary lead role. You will be of great help to the female supporting role. At the peak of martial arts, you will kill many people for the secondary role in the future. You need to work hard on it, Please cherish the play as well, okay? ''

"Yes, I will try my best to play a good role in the play," replied Ken modestly, who had studied the script before and was very modest at the moment

Director Ryan nodded with satisfaction. He had a good impression of both Ken and Adrian. they were modest and willing to advance, They didn't act big in the casting group, and the shooting had been going so well. He had to admire Johnny's sharp insight.

Nowadays, a lot of young stars in the entertainment circle could win over a large number of loyal fans only by their appearance, and they were embarrassed at acting. However, as they were self willed, they could casually leave a mirror and be paid off by their fans. Few of them could

r Ryan began to pull a long face as he talked about the play.

Then Cassandra nodded and said, "Okay, thank you, director Ryan.''

Director Ryan smiled, "well, you can get ready now. We will practice it five minutes later!''

After that, he asked a detective to inspect the members of the stage. After that matter, they had been very strict with the security of the stage, to prevent similar situation from happening again.

Five minutes later, director Ryan went on, holding a loud speaker, "the forty ninth round of the God of War, 1, 2, 3 action!"

The air seemed to be frozen as he finished.

In the magnificent house, people were singing and dancing.

The emperor wore a black robe, sitting high on the throne. All the princes and courtiers were all seated, enjoying the song and dance.

The emperor was very old. He sat here for a while and felt a little tired. He beckoned to a eunuch next to him. The eunuch came to him and bowed to him after the emperor whispered something.

A moment later, the dancers and music in the hall were gone. When everyone was confused, the door opened. A red figure stood in front of the door. Everyone looked in the direction of the door.

Leo, the head of the group of people, was sitting there. When he saw the red figure, he put on a gentle smile and was stunned. He stared at the red figure.

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