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   Chapter 156 please show mercy to me,my goddess

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Carlos's face turned pale and he was almost scared to death. He immediately shook his head and said, "no, no, thanks, sister-in-law Well, I have something else to do, so I have to go now. "

After that, he started running.

Cassandra, "..."


No introduction?

You slut! Do you have a strong desire to survive?!

However, in her previous life, Carlos was involved because of her, and he almost had no place to stand up, let alone to find his girlfriend. Although the ending was not tragic compared to Greyson, but such an end was for him To live is no better than to die.

Then, Cassandra turned to look at Martin and scolded, "Martin, what kind of subordinate are you? Was a girlfriend too spicy?! They don't know how many single people are in the world. I can't find them in the future! "

Martin," For the members of the V Security team, love is prohibited before they are discharged from the army."

Cassandra was dumbfounded, 'what kind of rule is it?'?!

She didn't remember that there was such a rule in the V Security team?

The question took her by great surprise. "Why? It's natural for a man to like a woman? Why do you forbid them to fall in love? "

Martin pressed his lips and went on, "if one has a crush on someone, he or she will have his or her weakness There is no need. "

Surprised, Cassandra opened her mouth and wanted to say something. But she lowered her head and didn't know what she was thinking about.

"What's wrong?", asked Martin

Shaking her head, Cassandra continued, "I just feel that before I met you, Martin What on earth have you experienced? "

In Cassandra's impression, Martin was like a precise and tireless machine that he was able to accurately weigh pros and cons, in case of any mistake. He would never trust anyone easily, because he knew that he would no longer be invincible once he had a weakness.

But she She was his only weakness no matter in previous life or in this life.

This man had always been protecting her in his own way, but unfortunately, in her previous life, not only was she unable to understand, but also she often op

sing room or a dresser, but they all used public dressing room.

The one who was responsible for her makeup was the makeup artist, Becky. The two had met each other before, so they cooperated with each other more skillfully.

After putting on her make-up, Cassandra looked at herself in the mirror, eyes wide open. Even Becky, who was drew by herself, was amazed at her own face.

The woman in the mirror, with arched eyebrows and fair skin, was exceedingly beautiful!

"Miss Cassandra, you are really a beautiful woman! I May I take a picture with you? " Becky was too excited to speak smoothly.

Cassandra was satisfied with the style in the mirror, and said, "wait a minute, I'll go get changed.''

Becky nodded, "okay! Your costumes are over there. I've just brought to you. It's said that director Johnny personally asked you to buy this set. However, Miss Cassandra looks good with everything on her.''

Then Cassandra stood up and walked towards the sofa. She saw a red dress and hairpins on the sofa.

All of a sudden, a figure appeared in her mind. Wearing a red robe, she stood at the head of beacon and werewolves and in the center of the crowd was her father. In her indifferent and arrogant eyes, there was a touch of unspeakable sadness.

She didn't want this world anymore.

That ambitious female general of the Su family had already been killed by that conspiracy and slaughter!

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