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   Chapter 155 how about introducing one to you

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6602

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"Well wait! It seems that my fishing rod is moving. Wait for me for a moment! "

Cassandra suddenly released her hands and ran back with a wry smile. She pulled up the fishing rod, and a huge fish was hung on it and pulled to the shore.

Staring at the fish, Cassandra was totally confused. She boasted just now that she wanted to catch some big fish and made some boiled fish for Martin at night

What she feared most was the sudden silence of the air

She didn't want to make the atmosphere awkward

Cassandra gave a hollow laugh and said, "hum The fish may be in love. It must be a single fish. Martin, wait a little longer. I can surely catch the big fish today. "

There was a touch of helplessness appearing on his face. In fact, Martin also wanted to know why did Cassandra, a girl, would like to go fishing, which was so rough and rough.

The next second, Martin took the fishing rod from her hand and changed the bait into the pond while Cassandra was still in a daze.

"Come here." Martin waved at Cassandra and said.

Then she said, "okay."

She walked over and was pressed on the chair by the man to sit down, and then stared at the fishing pole.

She had been here to guard for a long time, but she just caught such a little fish. She didn't believe that Martin was so skilled at fish. If he could catch a big fish, she would live broadcast to eat shit!

After a long while, a woman looked at the big fish in Martin's bucket and felt her face being slapped hard.

Ha ha, all the flutters instantly became embarrased!

This was impossible!

Why was Martin so good at fishing?

He was sure that it wasn't him who had hanged it up?

Cassandra felt that her IQ was completely overwhelmed

"Haha You even know how to fish, what else do you know? " Cassandra flattered.

"Yes, I did.", replied Martin, glimpsing at her

Instantly, Cassandra's eyes lit up. She rubbed her hands and said, "come on, Tell me what you can do. Maybe I'll d

asked Martin

Cassandra shook her head, "I don't like him, but I just think he is so bad tempered. As the master of the imperial household, I'm too humiliated.''

"What do you want?", asked Martin

Cassandra looked at Martin," How about we introduce a girlfriend to him? He will be grateful to me for that. I sent him such a great gift after all. Don't you think so?''

Carlos almost spat out a mouthful of blood, trying to hide himself. But then again, are you sure that after you introduced girlfriend to Marcus, he wouldn't kill you with a hack?!


Not at all!

"Okay, I'll leave it to you," said Martin

The veins on Carlos's forehead popped out. "My young master, a fatuous king, has really agreed?''!

An ominous premonition rose in his heart. Carlos was not sure if all the people in the Greyson sect squad would "Be introduced girlfriend?!

He pictured the scene in his mind: a man wearing a poker face, carrying a baby with one hand and changing diaper with the other

My mother! This is a tragedy of the world! ! !

With these thoughts in his mind, Carlos could not help but shiver. In the next second, the girl's eyes could not help but shoot towards him. With a smile, she stared at him and said, "ha-ha, Carlos, would you like me to introduce one of them to you? !"

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