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   Chapter 153 I'm a baby

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In the Yan Garden.

As soon as she came back, Cassandra boiled the soup, and then read the script. The more she read, the more boring she got, so she went to fishing, pretending to be bored.

When Marcus saw her go fishing, his face turned black. He swore to himself that if Cassandra asked him to catch fish again today, he would beat Cassandra to death, even if he was taking the risk of being punished.

He was the second best fighter among the group of cultivators from Greyson sect. Now he had disgraced himself when he had been the driver's bodyguard and ran errands for her?! !

In order to get some peace today, Cassandra sat on the riverside obediently. She first took a photo and sent it to Martin. Then she edited a photo with a shameless face in it. "Look, this is the river that I have built for you!

Cassandra sat there for a long time, but didn't fish a fish. Feeling vexed, Greyson came over respectfully.

Cassandra immediately jumped up from the chair, "master Greyson, are you recuperating from your injury? Why are you here? !"

Every time Greyson heard Cassandra call him master, he was shocked. In his eyes, Cassandra was the mistress of the Lu clan, and all he needed to do was to obey her.

Greyson immediately said, "your ladyship, my wounds have healed, Please don't worry about me.''

As soon as Cassandra heard Greyson call her lady, she got goose bumps all over. She waved her hand and said, "well, master Greyson, could you stop calling me lady? I'm so scared, You can just call me by my name in private. you can call me Cassandra, or puppies or anything else, It seems that I'm too old to call you lady. After all, I is still a child.''

He could understand what she meant. But That was too presumptuous

Greyson sect made a hollow laugh and said, "my lady, please don't get angry.''

With arms akimbo, Cassandra said angrily, "I'm not kidding. Don't call me madam. This is an order!''

Greyson: "? ? ?"

It was the first time he had been given such a boring order since he entered the V Securit

said made sense. Why don't you go to see Martin and give me a hard time?

"Okay, let's start practicing after my leg recovers," said Cassandra

Ding... Your friend, fighting skill master is coming soon~

Greyson was relieved and said, "okay.''

"Well, you can go ahead. Master Greyson, I'm still fishing," said Cassandra as she bowed to Greyson, You scared the fish away

Greyson cast a glance at the fishing rod in his hands. He wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought at the thought of how badly Marcus had been treated by Cassandra yesterday. In the end, he said nothing but left the restaurant.

After all, Marcus was the most skilled fighter among his followers. It seemed a bit too much for him to get a fish in jail.

But the only thing they had to do now was to obey orders from Martin as the leader of the V Security team. Thus, they shouldn't meddle in the matter.

In the office of Roger, GR Group.

It was dead silent in the office. The look on Roger's face was extremely gloomy. His eyes were filled with coldness. He picked up a cup and smashed it on the forehead of Vincent. Vincent didn't dare to dodge. The cup broke and a ferocious wound was made on his forehead, blood flowing.

"What's wrong with the launch event? "Why do I keep you useless men? You're not my little issue and a plagiarist? !" Roger raged.

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