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   Chapter 152 Hackett is so horny

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Upon hearing this, Hackett was stunned. He had always been a thick skinned man, but now he couldn't help blushing. He felt a little embarrassed and avoided Cassandra's sight. "To be honest," , he said

Resting her chin on one hand, Cassandra glanced at Hackett and said indifferently, "Alas! Look at you. You are so horny.''

Hackett's forehead was covered with helplessness. If he had been shy before, now all his grievance was turned into deep resentment. How could Samuel have a grudge against him?

But to be honest, Samuel was so good at flirting with men Was it possible that he was really crooked?

Hackett had worked in the media industry and was well-informed, although he didn't reject gay, he still didn't want the people around him to be the kind of people.

Rubbing his eyebrows, Hackett said, "don't think you can muddle through by changing the topic, Mr. Samuel, you not only saved director Caspar, but also the Weekly Heaven Seal this time. So I want to find out what happened.''

The media was very developed for generations now. It was hard for a weekly to survive without a strong background or the line.

Even though it was very dangerous for Cassandra to come to him in such a desperate way, he would not only save Caspar, but also save the sacred Weekly Heaven Seal.

But Hackett didn't understand why Samuel found him.

When Samuel contacted him, he thought he received a fraud call. After all, although Samuel had been exposed several times, he did not find the person. About him, his personal information was completely blank. To this extent, either he was a fraud, or he had a strong background.

For now, it was very clear that Hackett was inclined to accept the second method. If Samuel was a swindler, he would not only be the mock of the public, but also get the Weekly Heaven Seal into trouble.

With great disappointment in her eyes, Cassandra replied, "it's simple. You are the only one who believes that director Caspar is innocent. Although your comment w


Hackett nodded and waved his hand to say goodbye. Then he drove away.

Cassandra looked around and made sure that there was no suspicious person, then she rushed to the lane in the intersection. A black Bentley car stopped by the side of the road.

Then she took out her phone and sent a message to Martin telling him about her condition.

Ah, she had done a few big things recently. It was really a big surprise to her~

She really wanted to kiss Martin

Wait No! How could she think that way!

In her previous life, every time Martin got close to her, she would go ballistic, as if she had been raped

When she came to her senses, she covered her face with her hand, feeling ashamed. She thought, 'damn it! She must have been hallucinating because of Martin. Otherwise, why is she always full of these dirty thoughts in her mind?'! ! !

"Marcus, let's go to the supermarket first. I will pick up some bones for your master and make soup for him tonight I'm falling in love with myself. I'm a virtuous woman and I know how to make money to support my family. Why is there such a perfect little fairy in the world? "

'to be honest, I have never seen such a shameless person like you.

Virtuous? Make money for our family?! Little fairy?!

Are you sure your conscience won't hurt to say such shameless words?

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