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   Chapter 151 do as I say

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 7066

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Several photos suddenly showed on the big screen, which were the living place of Mason and the scene that he went out from time to time.

In the photo, Mason was in a shabby house where instant noodles were placed everywhere. Even through the screen, a strong smell could be seen.

Not only that, but also the audio tape provided by the landlord said that Mason had rented her house for the past four years, and he not only owed the house rent, but also couldn't afford water and electricity

It was absolutely impossible for a person who couldn't even enjoy the basic life to immerse himself in the new book that he had come up with in four years?!

In a flash, the situation had slowly changed.

The journalists were brought back from the shock and put forward tons of specific questions. On the stage, Mason was sitting on the chair, pale faced, with panic and despair in his eyes.

At Jiang family.

Sitting quietly on the sofa, Caspar and Joyce instantly stared at the computer in front of them. On the screen, there was a frenzied comments.

It's already late! ! ! It turned out that there was a huge conspiracy hidden in it! ]

See you in H city! They didn't dare to make up the story! ]

You really know how to play in the city! ! ]

[Great! Anything could happen! Please hold my knees! ]

No matter who you are! I finally realize that! ! The news is so exhilarating that everyone is celebrating and spreading it to the rest of the world! ! ! ]

Fans of director Caspar! ! Director Caspar didn't cry! How could he tolerate this silently! ]

Looking at the comments that were madly flashing on the screen, Caspar, like a fully drawn bowstring, was broken easily with a slight push.

He thought that the man just said it casually, but he did it! !

At this time, the camera quickly turned around, just stopping on Hackett, and beside him sat a slightly thin man, wearing a black cap on the top of his head. Although people could not see his face clearly, Caspar still recognized him at a glance. That man was Samuel! !

He said he would go to the hotel and he would help him


wanted to live in the future.

Cassandra breathed a sigh of relief, "no, there's no need. I believe Cassandra won't let you down as long as he agrees to her audition. As for the other conditions, there's no need.''

After hesitating for two seconds, Caspar insisted, "Mr. Samuel, you don't have to refuse me immediately. If you have made up your mind, you can come to me to fulfill this promise at any time. Thank you, Mr. Samuel.''

Cassandra raised her eyebrows. Her refusal to Caspar's offer was probably a good thing for others, for she got rid of a trouble. But Caspar insisted on it. It was obvious that he was a good man. She had picked the right guy.

After Cassandra talked with Caspar, then she hung up.

"Mr. Samuel was in contact with director Caspar just now?'' In the car, Hackett asked in a low voice.

Cassandra was not shy," Yes. He is director Caspar. Is there any problem?''

Hackett shook his head and looked at Cassandra. "In fact, I also have a question that I want to ask Mr. Samuel, '', he continued

Then Cassandra turned to look at Hackett and said, "just say it.''

Hackett took a deep breath and asked, "why did you choose me to be your disciple?''

Why did Cassandra choose Hackett to help Caspar out of thousands of people?

In the passenger seat, Cassandra raised her eyebrows and said playfully, "if I say it's because you're handsome, do you believe me?"

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