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   Chapter 150 what do you mean

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All of a sudden, Gabriel's face darkened and he raged, "nonsense! Explain? It's just that your question is too impolite! Who the hell are you? I don't think you are that familiar to me. Did you sneak in and disturb my work? Where's the security! Drive him out! "

The man took out a work permit from his pocket and said, "I am Hackett, the journalist of the heavenly seal weekly. Your company has invited the media on the right track. I just asked a question which confused everyone. Why did Mr. Gabriel make such a fuss? Is it because he is guilty?''

Hardly had his voice faded away when the crowd began to whisper to one another. Obviously, they were dissatisfied with how Gabriel had answered instead of Mason, but because of the power of the GR Group, they dared not speak frankly.

At this time, someone jumped out, not afraid of death, they naturally happy to watch this drama. If there was really any big news here, they could seize the opportunity to expose it.

Gabriel's face changed dramatically, but he had to restrain his anger. He put on a fake smile and said, "why did you say that? Don't talk nonsense! We have explained for Mr. Mason just now only because he was injured and couldn't move conveniently. The doctor had told him to have a rest quietly, and any answer given by him from the beginning was just too harmful to the body. "

Hackett sneered, "really? Then I would like to ask Mr. Mason, since you just said that you were the designer of this book four years ago. Could you tell us the key figures in this book and the content of writing? "

All of a sudden, there was a strange dead silence.

Astonishment was all over his face. Mason looked at Hackett with a dull look on his face. He opened his mouth but couldn't say a word.

Roger just gave him a set of novel content, but he didn't get a rough idea of the content of the novel. Nobody would expect that Hackett would ask such a question at this time. Even Gabriel was stu

gistration time of this book by the Mason was 17 days from November five years ago! The time difference between them is enough to show the problem. "

As soon as his words were finished, someone immediately checked the time and found that the release time of "Prosperous Capital" was far earlier than that of Mason.

In other words, when Caspar was composing the script, he couldn't find any information related to the book of the Mason from the Internet at all. The so-called plagiarism was even more ridiculous.

The time difference behind this time indicated everything.

On the stage, Gabriel was a little nervous. Although he knew some inside stories about this matter before, he didn't know the specific details. Anyway, he was only a vice president, not qualified to care much.

But he didn't expect that the secret would be exposed at this time.


'where on earth did this reporter come from?!

What benefit could he get from offending the GR Group?

In the audience, Hackett was not over yet. Just now, it was only a beginning.

"And just now, when Mason announced the new play《Master》, he said himself that he had been thinking over the content of this play in the past four years, but, as far as I know, in these four years, this new great God, just did not make it easy!"

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