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   Chapter 149 Mason's agony

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6491

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At the headquarter building of the GR Group, capital.

At the press conference.

The GR Group had several big issues recently. Firstly, it was Walker, and now, it was Lilian. Although the half of entertainment circle was dominated by GR Group, it was an era of developed media. It was not easy to change the public opinion.

At this time, the press conference was crowded with reporters.

"Hey, have you heard that? The plagiarist! He's coming too! " A young journalist rubbed his hands and said excitedly.

"You don't even know that? Now she had been widely spread in the upper class. Her annual salary was up to 10 million dollars And the bonus? Where is the Internet? "

"Yeah, you're right. We got up early and sneaked around. If we are not cut off performance at this year, we will be happy.''

"Speaking of this, he is not a little famous in the past. I am a fan of novels, and I haven't read any of his novels..."

"The cold cloud guy I haven't heard of it as well. I don't know how it turned out to be a legend... "

At the same time in the office of Roger.

Vincent came in with a thin man in a black suit. He looked tidy and tidy, without a trace of depression on his body. He was completely different from that frightened man when he was brought into the GR Clan that night.

The man was holding his crutch with one hand, looking at Roger with a flattering face. "Mr. Roger, what can I do for you?''

Sitting on the sofa, Roger didn't even look up, just handed him a document. "This is the order for the press conference. You can take it to the director later. Just follow it later. You don't need to answer it. Someone will arrange it for you.''

The man took over the document, "yes, Mr. Roger, please rest assured, I will definitely cooperate with you.''

Roger nodded, seeming to be very satisfied with his reaction. He liked such obedient chess. It was simple and easy to control and he only needed to g

a living then?''

"Mr. Mason, you're the most eye-catching hacker in the Internet community! How do you feel now?''

"Mr. Mason, what's your personal condition now?''

However, in the face of so many questions, Mason was completely in a daze. He sat on the stage with his eyes glazed over. Fortunately, Gabriel and his men answered every question for him.

It wasn't a piece of cake for Mason to deal with the media, but for Gabriel and others, it wasn't a big deal. Besides, some of the news posts were affiliated to the GR Group, so they didn't want to ruin the chance.

The journalists' questions were about to come to an end, and at this time, a tall and thin man slowly stood up. He looked at Mason, and said in a deep voice, "Mr. Mason, you didn't answer any questions just now, but instead Gabriel were answering them with your men. Is there anything you can't tell, Mr. Mason?''

On the stage, Mason's back suddenly froze, and a panic look appeared on his face.

Gabriel looked at the tall and thin man with displeasure. "Who are you? Why did you ask such a stupid question? The question and answer session is over now. You can ask more questions later. "

The man sneered, "I just said a few words, Gabriel, Is it necessary for you to be so anxious to defend yourself?"

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