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   Chapter 148 slap them on the face

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6469

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In the study, the phone suddenly rang.

A hint of coldness flashed through Roger's eyes, he then saw a black phone on the desk, on which there was a call from Susan.

Frowning, Roger picked up the phone, "hello?''

At the other end of the phone, Susan was in the bathtub, where was full of rose petals. The whole bathroom was filled with the smell of ambiguity.

"Are you busy, Roger?'', asked Susan in a gentle tone

Hearing Susan's low and sexy voice, Roger couldn't help feeling happy. "Yes, there are many things to deal with in the company recently. It's so late. Why haven't you gone to bed?"

Susan smiled and said, "I just came back from work. I'm so tired and my bones are falling apart. You are so busy that I can't come to you."

"You're such an excruciating temptress. Come over when I'm busy, and then I'll be able to use up all my strength. Okay?"

Susan blushed and said in a flirtatious tone," Roger, you are so annoying!''

"Really? That was not what you said in bed the other day. Susan, your body condition is better than yours. "

Susan blushed and said, "Andrew, don't talk nonsense! I won't talk to you anymore!"

The laughter from Susan made Roger feel better. A familiar figure suddenly flashed through his mind, and the smile on his face suddenly froze.

For some reason, he always thought of Cassandra unintentionally these days. Compared with Susan who was easily obtained now, he seemed to be more interested in Cassandra

"Well, I still have something to deal with. I'll see you tomorrow."

Susan didn't find any abnormality from his voice, so she immediately promised. Recently, it was obvious that Roger's mind was not on her, but she was not an ordinary woman. When she sensed that a man's mind was abnormal, the room was turned upside down. She knew too well about Roger, so she knew what she should do to control the man's heart.

No matter how powerful a man is,

bbed her swollen temples, looking exhausted. "Okay, then we'll wait for your good news.''

With a thin smile on his lips, Cassandra said, "don't worry. My reputation is the most important thing in the underground world of martial arts. I, Samuel, won't hurt my reputation."

Joyce," Well, anyway, thank you, Mr. Samuel, for helping us at this time, and thank you for your trust in director Caspar.''

The smile on Cassandra's face widened. She had her own purpose to save Caspar because he was well-known in the outside world and he was talented. With this help, it was not difficult for her to cultivate her friendship in this social circle.

Cassandra smiled lightly," You're welcome, Miss Joyce. It's late now. I'm going to make some preparations. Please wait and see.''


Hanging up the phone, Cassandra put down the phone and stretched herself.

For Caspar in the previous life, only silence would lead to his end if he was suppressed by Roger. But in this life, she must change the fate for him and let him struggle to survive.

After rebirth, she entered the entertainment circle. Because she knew the fate of some people clearly, she had the opportunity to pull them up and make them stand up again.

They I shouldn't have been buried by those dirty hands!

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