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   Chapter 146 stop being seen by others

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6397

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"Has something happened to you, Martin?" Cassandra looked up at Martin innocently, slightly panting.

In her previous life, she had been with Martin for a few years. She had been able to accurately predict the temper of this man. The more unhappy he was, the calmer he looked. However, there was an extremely cold aura around him, like the Asura returning from the hell at midnight.

When the man came in just now, he looked very cold and serious, and the whole space of the room seemed to have been frozen.

With his back stiff a little, Martin slightly lowered his eyes and kissed on the girl's head. "I'm fine. I'm hungry now, '', he said

Cassandra, "..."

Are you flirting with me again, Martin?!

She got so annoyed that she really wanted to turn over the car! !

Are you hungry? Or something else?!

To be honest, I didn't know before that Martin was such a cynical man! !

Rubbish! !

"Oh, well Take out the soup. The noodles will be ready soon! " Cassandra rubbed her head against the man's chest, trying to please him.

"Yes," replied Martin

Cassandra's jaw dropped when she saw Martin take out the casserole elegantly. Oh my God! This is unfair! Why would I care about someone's pot so much?

She was so blind in her previous life

After lunch, Cassandra touched her fat belly and grumbled, "Martin, do you really treat me as a pig? This fish soup was cooked for you. Since you work so hard, this fish soup is good for the stomach and for relieving the cough You just took a few drinks, and the rest is all poured into my mouth! Look, my belly is going to be flat. People who don't know me might think that I'm pregnant! "

Upon hearing that, the light in his eyes turned dim, and Martin said, "stand up.''

Surprised, Cassandra stood up slowly from the chair and muttered, "why do I get up?''

"Let's go for a walk," said Martin

Cassandra was dumbfounded, 'in the mid

, I live in the most luxurious villa area in the capital. Let me take a photo for you..."

Cassandra stared at the screen with wide eyes. After a few seconds, a picture appeared on the screen. It was the villa of Andrew. Although the overall appearance was different from that of the Yan garden, but From the first sight she saw them, she knew that they were in the same region.

fuck! that was close! !

Then Cassandra turned to look at Martin with a sad face and asked, "Hey, your nephew lives in this community, why didn't you tell me earlier? And you even carried me out for a walk. What if they find out? !"

She made every effort to hide her identity, but she was not familiar with Andrew and didn't know much about his tricks in her previous life. If it was found out, who knew what the profligate would do?

"You don't like to be seen by others?"

The corners of Cassandra's mouth twitched, 'I'm serious now. Why are you so angry?'?!

Speechless, Cassandra touched her forehead and said seriously, "no, I'm not. It's just that I submitted my resume at the beginning as a single person, and Kelvin also said that my career was on the rise, and I'm not suitable for any gossip now So, I have no choice but to bully you, honey. This is all for my career. "

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