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   Chapter 145 you are important

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6368

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Johnson gently touched the box with his withered fingers. He had worked with it for several decades, and now he was a little reluctant to hand it over to others.

But now, in order to protect Jeremy, he had to hand over his position.

A moment later, Johnson pushed the box back to Martin and said, "from now on, you are the head of the Lu clan. You are the only one who's listen to your orders from now on.''

However, Martin just took a slight glance at the box and then looked at Carlos. Carlos understood what he meant, and said solemnly, "do as what the Lu clan has said, wipe out the black sheep, cancel the positions of Elder Logan and Elder Harris, and dismiss all the other two from the Lu clan..."

Hearing this, Alfred's face changed abruptly. He rushed madly at Martin and stabbed him with a dagger coming from nowhere.

The expression on Martin's face didn't change a little. Suddenly, a gunshot was fired from the air and Alfred froze as if he was held still. The dagger slipped from Alfred's hand, and he fell to the ground like a deflated balloon. Soon, there was a pool of red blood on the floor

All of a sudden, a strong and pungent smell of blood pervaded the air

"Ah! ! Someone was killed! !"

"What How could this be They are dead! "

"Blood? Why is there so much blood Someone is killed... "

"What's going on? Who did this? "

Everyone in the hall was staring at Martin with fear. including Johnson, they didn't expect that Alfred would attack Martin, the leaders of the Lu family would shoot Alfred in public.

It seemed that Johnson had made a right choice. It was estimated that the people outside were all Martin's men. If he had been so stupid to agree to the deal, he would have died, along with Alfred.

At the moment, Ted was lying on the ground limply like mud. His clothes were wet with cold sweat. Yellow and pungent liquid was flowing out from his

andra was ashamed for a long time and then ran into the kitchen to prepare the midnight snack. To be honest, she didn't know before that she could be so virtuous!

Are you falling in love with me~

The car arrived at Yan garden very soon. After Martin got out of the car, Carlos got out of the car with mixed feelings. "Well, my master, shall I drive you in?''

As soon as Martin gave him a cold glance, Carlos said with trepidation, "I'm just kidding "Goodbye, master!"

Martin slowly walked into the villa. As soon as he arrived at the hall, Cassandra rushed out of the kitchen with a spatula in her hand. "You're back, Martin. Come over and take me a soup. I'm almost done.''

"Okay," replied Martin

When Martin walked over, someone immediately pushed him into the kitchen, and the fragrance in the kitchen filled the air. The girl took a pair of oven glove and passed it to him, saying, "this jar is hot, be careful, don't get burnt HMM... "

Before the girl finished her words, the man held her waist and pressed her on the stage, kissing her thin lips. The man seemed to have a kind of ruthless and uneasy emotion. He slightly and rudely opened the girl's teeth

As she spoke, Cassandra held his waist naturally, trying to comfort him in silence.

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