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"The elder of the Lu clan? In my eyes, you are nothing more than a dog! I will give you high position and great wealth, not letting you bark at me here. I want the Lu clan, I want it, I don't want it. Do you think you can defend it? " Martin glared at Alfred with deep, black eyes.

Alfred's face turned purple with anger, "you! Don't think that the Lu family can't live without you! Without you, everything in my Lu clan remains the same! "

"Really? With your permission, I will remove all the posts of the Lu group from now on. From now on, I have nothing to do with the Lu family. "

In the hall, everyone was stunned. They had thought that Martin would take the opportunity to refute Alfred, but it turned out that he was He would eliminate all the posts of the Lu Group! !

That was the only condition for him to inherit the Lu clan in the future!

At that time, Johnson also set up a firm and strong team to be the head of the Lu clan which he had taken charge of for many years. Naturally, he realized how important the position of CEO of the Lu group was. Although he had handed it over to Martin, he hadn't confirmed that he would be the next head of the family. It was obvious that there were twists and turns in it.

Johnson knew very well that Martin was the most suitable person to take over the Lu clan. However, he still cared about his origin. Moreover, he also had a first grandson, so he wanted to help him succeed?

Every man lives for himself, so he didn't hand over his father's position in the past few years, just in order to smooth over Martin's career and find an opportunity to get rid of him. But he didn't expect that the idiot, Alfred, was also behind all this.

"Master! Did you hear that? The bastard asked to dismiss! ! Master, say yes! He drove the bastard out of the Lu clan! ! !" Alfred shouted with excitement.

In his eyes, as long as Martin was removed from office and he was driven out of the Lu family, everything in the Lu family woul

ieces in an instant

Johnson was such a cunning man that he didn't want to offend his opponent. Moreover, if Martin didn't have a strong background, he wouldn't have come up with such a condition.

He had thought that Martin was at most a wolf, but it turned out that he had underestimated him

"I won't put his life at risk. As for others, I will not be merciful."

He had never been so naive. He thought that as long as he let them go, they could turn over a new leaf.

He was the only person in charge of the Lu clan!

After a short silence, Johnson waved at Danny and ordered, "go and get the ring and the seal of our chief.''

"Yes, sir."

Having seen what was happening, Alfred glared at Johnson with madness and shouted, "Master! You can't give the position of the chief to this bastard! You can't! !"

The other family members who had spoken up for Alfred earlier were completely stunned. They had thought that if Martin voluntarily abdicated, Johnson would definitely agree. However, to their surprise, instead of agreeing, Johnson even handed over the position of family leader.

What the hell was going on?!

A few minutes later, Danny came in with a box of ancient style, which was cast by the gold silk nan wood, Inside the box was the seal and ring symbolizing the founding of the Lu clan.

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