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   Chapter 143 what are you

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"Martin, it's not a big deal in our clan recently. Why did you summon them? Do you have something to tell us?'' Looking at Martin, said Johnson with a big smile.

As soon as he finished speaking, the Hall fell into dead silence again. Everyone's eyes fell on Martin.

Martin replied calmly, "kill the black sheep.''

Hearing that, Johnson frowned in an imperceptible way, and said with a harmless smile on his face, "Martin, we are all families. Since the ancestors of our Lu clan have passed down, members of the same clan should not hurt each other. According to the rules of our clan, killing the black sheep is a way to against the rules of our ancestors, right?''

There was a grave atmosphere in the hall.

"I have to obey the family rules of Lu clan. But there is a rule that the one who fights with the other gets hurt That's a felony! "

Even Johnson, who had been in the battlefield for a long time, looked sullen. His wrinkled face seemed to have been covered with a layer of frost. "What do you mean by that? How could they hurt each other because of the same sect? Do you have any evidence? If you have the evidence, as the master of the Lu clan, I will uphold justice for you; if you are just talking nonsense Then don't blame me for not showing mercy to you! "

Lowering his eyebrows, Martin rubbed his glass with one of his rough fingers and ordered, "somebody, bring him in.''

Just then, Carlos came in with his men outside the hall, dragging a badly mutilated person in. This person was covered with blood, and there was still no dried blood on the cheek. When he was dragged in, it seemed that he had only a breath left.

Although the man was badly mutilated and his bones were all broken, he could not even move his limbs. The moment when he was taken into the room, the faces of Alfred and Ted darkened in an instant.

Especially for Ted, his pupils shrank sharply and he almost fell down from his chair. At the moment, his internal breath was almost

nd out everything clearly!

He knew very well that this bastard should not live in this world at all! !

Alfred clenched his teeth and said, "I didn't do such things. It was this bastard who framed me! He is just a lowly bastard. Why should he criticize me so loudly here?! Why is he, a bastard, in charge of my family! Don't you think so in your heart?! This bastard should have been kicked out of the Lu family a long time ago! 'master, you are the real master of the Lu clan. Are you willing to see the bastard take my place?' Mary thought! !"

The hall was deadly silent, as if a pin had fallen on the ground.

The atmosphere froze, as if the air was frozen in an instant.

Glaring at him, Alfred got so furious that he wanted to skin him alive!

"Aha If I am a bastard, what are you? " In the hall, a cold voice came from the room.

Alfred stiffened all over with anger. He ground his teeth and shouted, "I'm the elder of the Lu clan! You bastard, you should have been kicked out a long time ago! Why are you still here? Your existence is a shame for our Lu clan! !"


Even if he had obtained everything of the Lu clan and made the Lu clan develop to an unprecedented scale, he was still a bastard without any background


He was such a bastard, but he wanted to Hold all in his hands! !

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