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   Chapter 141 because I like you

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6539

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On the big screen, the clear pictures of Lilian appeared!

In the photos, Lilian shuttled among the rich businessmen, behaved intimately with them, and even some lewd actions were taken in the corridor of the hotel. In the last few groups of photos, Lilian was pressed all over those wealthy businessmen

"Holy shit! ! My dog eyes! He was totally convinced! ! !"

"Oh my God! These photos were It was so obscene! !"

"It turns out that the real hostess is Lilian! No wonder she got her position as the manager of the Rufus Media from a little star so soon. WOW! "

"Holy shit! Why don't they write the script in this way! You're awesome! "


On the stage, the man's cold eyes swept around the crowd. "Now, you still think that Lilian is innocent, and do you believe the contents of those microblog posts are true? In fact, during the period of her career as a member of the Rufus Media, Miss Peggy had been suppressed by Lilian on purpose, and she even made some ridiculous requests. However, Peggy insisted on her own belief and didn't want to be friends with such kind of people as Lilian, so Peggy was banished from the entertainment industry by Lilian.

Yesterday, in order to attract a rich business man, Lilian had forced Miss Peggy to attend the wine party. Miss Lilian was refused by Peggy and hijacked. At that time, Miss Peggy was talking about the script with the World Media director, Johnny. Later, on the way director Johnny sent Miss Peggy home, he was stabbed by the kidnapped gangster. The operation had just been completed and Miss Peggy had been hospitalized for observation. I believe that she had called the police, Everything will come to light, and Lilian should receive her deserved punishment! "

"Really? And hijacked her?! !"

"This is too incredible! It was a criminal offence! !"

"Didn't he just say that he had called the police? It should be true. Lilian is too crazy! "

"I didn't expect that it coul

: "ha-ha, you are welcome. Believe me, Miss Peggy. You will certainly rise to fame in the future. You belong to this stage and have the qualification to stand at the top of the stage!''

"Why do you trust me so much?" asked Peggy

She hadn't met Cassandra in the past. But today was their first meeting. Judging from the attitude of Cassandra to her, it was obviously not the first meeting. Was it because she had missed something or she had forgotten something?!

Cassandra had expected that Peggy would ask her this question. After all, now she was at the peak of her power before she was born. Although she had become famous because of a movie, her fame had been ruined by her long time ago.

How many of her friends still remembered her?

"Because I like you. " Cassandra smiled, like a light rain in the south of the three months, gently but refreshing.

Peggy's back suddenly froze, and her pupils narrowed sharply. she stared at Cassandra with an unbelievable expression, Then Cassandra realized that she had been too impulsive, so she cleared her throat and explained seriously, "um, don't get me wrong. I mean that I like your character and acting skills very much. I've read the eternal life for more than ten times You are really a good actress. I always take you as my goddess. "

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