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   Chapter 140 leave it to me

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6531

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In the multi-functional conference room.

Under the close watch of the crowd, Peggy walked up to the rostrum. She was the only one on the rostrum.

Because she had been banished from the entertainment industry, she didn't have a agent or an assistant. What's more, she had already terminated her contract with Rufus media. As a result, she didn't have any PR platform now, and she could only rely on herself.

As soon as Peggy stepped onto the stage, the reporters below the stage exploded. They were all whispering, wondering what Peggy would do next.

On the stage, Peggy said calmly, "I'm sorry. I invited all of you here today because I want to make an explanation to the public.''

"Ms. Peggy, it was revealed by Lilian, the manager of the Rufus Media, that you killed your fiancé and got the chance to be an actress by cheating on the directors and a rich businessman. Is that true?! Please answer! "

"Please give the public an explanation!"

"There is irrefutable evidence of Lilian. Is it true?''

"Miss Peggy, please answer me!"

As soon as Peggy spoke, a series of questions exploded off the stage. Even though she had already been mentally prepared, she was still unable to hold on at this moment in the face of the questioning of the reporters.

She turned around and looked at the journalists in horror, her back frozen. The reporters were still questioning her and her words were getting worse and worse. The press conference had obviously become a trial for her.

Her fiance died because of her

The accident three years ago was still a taboo in her heart, which she could not reach. Lilian was indeed very cruel. As soon as she took a move, she stabbed in her heart, causing her to bleed.

"Hello Miss Peggy holds the news conference today in order to clarify these rumors. If you go out with your brain, you should know that it was Miss Peggy who invited you to hold the press conference first. After the rumors wer

Mr. Liang at that time We have a conclusion! "

Just then, an on-the big screen came a record of field inspection, and next was a full inquiry record.

A few minutes later

All of a sudden, the audience were shocked, and they stared at the screen in disbelief.

"The truth was clearly that Miss Lilian couldn't swim. She insisted on drowning after that. However, during her brother's rescue, an accident occurred. Although she was saved, her brother was swept away by the sea. Miss Peggy begged the police to keep dragging, and finally the body of Lilian's brother was found.

You can go to the local police station to find out the evidence. It turns out that Miss Lilian always hides the truth for Miss Peggy and accused her of setting up her fiance. There is no such justice in the world? And you all judge Miss Peggy guilty of a crime just by one article without a clear distinction. Don't you have a guilty conscience? "

In the huge conference room, the air around gradually froze. No one dared to look up at the aggressive eyes of the man, and all lowered their heads.

At this moment, the man moved his slender fingers and pressed the mouse button. He said coldly, "I still have some evidence that you may like. You'd better see clearly what kind of woman Lilian is in private! !"

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