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   Chapter 139 this is my own battlefield

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6186

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In the multi-functional conference room of Glory Hotel, capital.

The conference room was crowded with reporters. They rushed to the conference room as soon as they got the news.

"Hey, have you heard it? Peggy told me something big this time..."

"Peggy?! The heroine who became famous immediately but was banished soon? !"

"Is it really Peggy? Didn't they say that she had already withdrawn from the entertainment circle?! Why is the press conference held now?! !"

"I thought they would dig out some sensational news. She is just a faded actress I shouldn't have come here. "

"It's all because of this notice. I didn't make it clear to you so I came here in vain..."

"What do you know? I heard that a wealthy businessman was interested in Peggy. Why did she hold the news conference so soon? Was she a mistress of some wealthy businessman? !"

It was noisy in the conference room. Although many people were disappointed in the content of the conference after they came, they stayed in the conference room with the intention of staying to watch the fun.

After all, sometimes in this circle, there were gossip news which was more attractive than real entertainment news.

At the backstage.

Sitting quietly on the sofa, Peggy didn't even change her appearance. She didn't wear any makeup, and she was only in a loose casual suit.

Cassandra was watching the scene through the live camera. Although the spot was in a mess, there were more reporters than she expected.

The phone on Peggy's table was ringing, and it was a string of familiar numbers on the screen. After a long time, she finally answered it.

"Hello." Peggy said in a cold voice, squinting her eyes.

On the other end of the phone, Lilian shouted with an angry face, "Peggy, what the hell are you doing?! Press conference?! Do you want to die! ! !"


was actually a woman's heart! ! ]

Almost at the same time, the microblog news was released and related evidences were posted on it. However, these pictures were only blurred, and some were even falsified.

Once this microblog post was exposed, almost no one cared about the authenticity of it. The comments area of Peggy's microblog instantly exploded.

Numerous online users lined up to comment and abuse. With the popularity of the microblog continued to rise, the name of Peggy was directly on the list No.1.

Then Cassandra opened her microblog and focused on one of the content. It was a statement about the whole thing about Peggy's fiance. The tweet was not without any cover up. The one who reported it was actually Lilian, who was an insider of the Rufus Media.

After reading the statement carefully, Cassandra had a general understanding of the situation. No wonder that Peggy had never given up the road of acting over the years, no matter how hard she had worked.

She also remembered that Peggy had said that she would take pleasure in

It turned out that the person Peggy referred to was not Lilian, but her fiance, who had been dead but always lived in her heart and had never been known by the world.

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