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   Chapter 137 Johnny is dying

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6515

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What the hell was this?!

Is she not allowed to stay overnight with other women? '?!

Was she a slut! !

She was even more honest than a telephone pole! Otherwise, in her previous life, she would definitely have put a forgiving cap on him! ! !

Rubbish, Martin! ! !

"Martin Are you suspicious of my sexual orientation? " Cassandra asked in disbelief.

Martin calmly glanced at her and said, "No.''

The corners of her mouth twitched. "Why didn't you forbid me to sleep with a girl?! I was even more honest than a telephone pole. How could I possibly do something to a woman? "

Well, you can't be straight, do you really have no idea?

But when she changed into a man's clothes, she completely turned into a wild horse without rein. It was an excellent skill to pick up girls, and he was more worried that it was a woman than a man! !

"I'm not suspecting," said Martin

Cassandra, "..."

Well, as long as you are happy!

Donny, I really want to run away from home! ! !

"You, you go on..."

What should I do? I'm really want to divorce him now!

What was the use of a good-looking man?! Can you live on it?!


After watching Martin off, Cassandra slumped into the sofa, eyes filled with doubt.

After a long time, her cell phone suddenly rang. Cassandra picked up her phone and saw the caller ID was Jack.

Then she picked up the phone, "Jack, didn't you say my muse didn't come until afternoon? Why do you come so early?"

At the other end of the phone, Jack's eyes were bloodshot, and he clenched his fist with the other hand. He said in a hoarse voice, "Cassandra, can you come to the hospital now?''

Surprised, Cassandra sprang to her feet and asked coldly, "hospital?! Director Johnny is in trouble? "

Jack," Well, it's hard to say a word over the phone. Mr. Johnny is still in the operating room, being severely injured Can you come and see him? "

A hint of coldness flashed through Cassa

chairs in silence. The atmosphere was a little embarrassing for a moment, and after a while, Peggy slowly began to tell them what had happened.

Yesterday, she talked about the script with Johnny after Lilian came to her yesterday. After the script was finished, Johnny worried that it was not safe for her to go back alone, so he sent Peggy back. When they passed the lane nearby, a group of people rushed out from nowhere and wanted to forcibly take Peggy away. Johnny was just a weak scholar without strength. How could he possibly defeat the gangsters, In the end, someone stabbed a knife in Johnny's abdomen. Worried that he might lose his life, they fled in a panic. Peggy called the police and sent Johnny to the hospital for rescue. The surgery was not over yet.

It was Johnny. He was severely injured.

The corridor was dead silent.

Frowning, Cassandra thought, 'I have risked so much to save Johnny, but he still turns out to be unruly.'?!

She didn't believe it

Cassandra's frozen lips tensed. After a long time, he said slowly, "Miss Peggy, you know who did it, don't you?''

Peggy was no match for her at all. Her pale face was blank, her back shivering slightly. After a long while, she replied in a low voice, "I know, no one else in the world would do this to me.''

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