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   Chapter 136 I can only help you here

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6514

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On the morrow, Cassandra got up early, finding no one beside her, with a hint of familiar smell of grass.

Cassandra stretched herself. When she was about to get up, her phone rang. She picked up the phone and saw it was from Andrew.

Why did him call in the early morning?!

Leaning against the bed, Cassandra slid the screen with her finger and pressed the phone against her ear. In a lazy voice, she answered, "Hello, Mr. Andrew. I'm still sleeping. Why do you call in the early morning? What's up?''

On the other end of the phone, Andrew only wore a white bath towel, with a chicken nest head on his head. He casually lay on the railing and said, "your legs have recovered?"

Cassandra," I think I am feeling much better now, but I can start to work in a couple of days. I don't think there are many actors who still stick to their work even though they are ill. Do you want to give me a reward?''

Andrew chuckled and said, "reward you."

Cassandra's mouth twitched as she asked, "what reward will you reward me? I don't want people who are not presentable. "

Andrew's face darkened. "I will show it to the public. Have you seen the famous online real person show?"

Speaking of which, Cassandra recalled a talent show. Recently, the variety show became more and more popular, and often used some ugly stunts as publicity to make money. However, this kind of show was not popular for one or two weeks.

Unlike ordinary entertainments, this talent show was featured in a 24-hour live streaming mode, which was provided on a single island. The program would provide the users with a large amount of golden bars if they won. These golden bars would be taken away in the end.

Cassandra replied, "yes, I have. But I heard that the people who can participate in that show are all big names. I'm just an invisible person now, so I'm afraid that I'm not even qualified for chores."

A talent show needed a large quantity of flow t

kind, Martin. Tell me, I will do whatever you ask me of! !"

Looking at Cassandra's complacent expression, Martin immediately regretted saying that, but as he had spoken out the words, he couldn't withdraw them. Then, he reached out his hand and rubbed his eyebrows. "First, don't get injured. Even bumps are not allowed.''

"Don't worry. This film is shot in a fully enclosed situation. I won't get hurt."

Martin cast a contemptuous glance at her and added, "second, don't hold too close to the opposite sex and even touch them.''

"Are you thinking too much? She's going to attend the Trueman show, not a blind date?! 'Hey, can you just stop acting like that?!

Speechless, Cassandra touched her forehead, "okay. I promise I won't look at other men.''

Later, it was proved that every action of hers had become a slap in the face

"Third, don't reveal your body. Hide your elbows and above knees."

Cassandra, "..."

eldest brother! ! ! I really didn't take part in a program!

What the hell is going on? You don't seem to want to go to the filming studio

I feel like I am a wild horse now. Do you believe that I will give you a grassland?!

Cassandra drooped her head. "Oh, okay Okay... "

Martin," The fourth, you can't sleep with other women. You must sleep alone.''

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