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   Chapter 135 who revealed the news

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6459

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M country, l city.

In the VIP private ward of the hospital.

Outside the ward, dozens of bodyguards were on patrol 24 hours a day. Only doctors and nurses were allowed to enter the entire ward.

In the ward.

Fiona lay on the bed in her hospital gown, A tall man stood in front of the bed. He was dressed in black, with a fierce look on his handsome face. He looked like a ghost from the hell which had just come from the midnight.

"Have you finished dealing with the red dragon?" Fiona asked coldly. A hint of coldness flashed in her eyes.

"Yes, master, no one is alive."

Fiona seemed to be satisfied with the man's efficiency, She nodded slightly and said, "well, is there any news about Martin?''

"Mr. Martin went to work in the company in the daytime and went to the cinema with Cassandra after work. Everything seemed normal.''

Hearing this, Fiona pulled a long face, "cinema? Do you mean that Martin went to the cinema with that woman? "


A fierce look appeared on Fiona's face. "Humph! Just let that bitch get away for a few more days. Later you contact Josef and tell her My injury was repeated and the situation was not good. "

"Yes, master."

Fiona's lips curled into a cold, cruel smile. 'Cassandra, you You want to pick a fight with me?!

If not protected by Martin, she would not take the whole Yan Clan, let alone Cassandra. She was the only woman who deserved Martin, and Cassandra Who the hell is she?

When she comes back, as long as she opens her mouth, someone will deal with that woman for her!

It was a pity that Josef was directly dismissed in V Security team by Martin. If it were before, she wouldn't have had to take so much trouble?


Huh Sooner or later, I will tread you under my feet, and let you watch me climb the position of the hostess of Lu clan step by step!

"please tell Mr. Ho that I'm getting better. I'll meet him as soon as I ge

f Martin. That was why Josef was severely punished and punished as a warning to others.

Greyson sect was not the best of the 12 teams in terms of martial arts. What he wanted was absolute loyalty, because he wouldn't risk Cassandra's life.

"When will you recover?", asked Martin

Cloud was stunned for a moment, and then said, "in seven days."

Martin nodded, "okay. You will teach mistress about fighting skill in seven days. In addition, you need to ensure her safety in Greyson sect squad. Got it?''

Greyson nodded and said seriously, "yes, master. Please rest assured. I will take the safety of the lady of the guards to death!''

"Mistress is weak now. If we can't hire bodyguards to protect her during the shooting, we have to make sure that she can handle with all emergency in the first time. We can't let the same thing happen for the second time," , said Martin

"Yes, master."

Martin asked Greyson to care about everything of Cassandra, including go to the bathroom. After Martin finished talking, he waved his hand at Greyson, hinting him to go down.

After Greyson left, Martin sat in the study for a while before he got up and went back to his bedroom.

He thought it was the same wherever he took a rest, but now he knew someone was waiting for him.

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