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   Chapter 134 it's true that I like you

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6518

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Then Cassandra hung up the phone and put it back to her pocket, and said, "Martin, why are you being so courteous to this kind of person? We should teach him a lesson next time! "

"Okay," replied Martin

Cassandra licked her lips while playing with the two dolls. It seemed that what had happened didn't affect her at all, as if it was indeed a call from someone unimportant.

Cassandra Are you really Have you forgotten all of them

At the same time, in the Jiang family's villa.

Inside the villa, all lights were on, but Caspar was sitting on the sofa in silence. It had been a day since the man named Samuel came to see him, but there was no sign of any news on the Internet. Even the most people who supported him began to waver.

If it went on like this, his reputation would be ruined

Joyce had been accompanying him all the time. That day, Joyce made a lot of calls to ask for help, but in this circle, it was always the people who climbed up to the bottom. At this time, who would show up to get involved in this trouble.

Joyce looked very upset. It was not until the last call of the telephone in her contact list that she fell into the sofa in a somewhat decadent state. Seeing the pale face of Caspar, she could not help but clench her fists.

"Don't worry, Mr. Caspar. I will find a solution Please trust me. At the worst, I will accompany you to the court. No matter how long it will take, we will not stop until you are proved innocent... " Joyce said in a hoarse voice.

Caspar kept his head down. After a long time, he shook his head and said, "no, thanks You've done enough for me. Don't make trouble for yourself any more You are no match for him... "

One was a big shot in the entertainment circle, and the other was a retired director. How could he compete with Roger?!

He knew that a single finger of Roger could crush him

Joyce raised her head and stared at Caspar without a blink. "So what? Did he

aid Caspar

"I know."

Caspar took several deep breaths and continued," do you know, I used to Divorced I haven't told anyone in these years, but I am a divorced man... "

"I know."

Caspar was shocked. He looked at Joyce incredibly, "you know that?"

After a few seconds of silence, Joyce said, "you were that popular overnight. Do you really think that your ex-wife hasn't regretted? She came to see you before, but I stopped her. I asked her to choose one million. If she had to take the risk of your rejection, she finally chose one million. "

Caspar was shocked. He did not know that his ex-wife had come to him, and his ex-wife was so shameless that she accepted one million from Joyce.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" asked Caspar

Joyce shook her head. "For you, that woman is the past of your life. You still have a long way to go. You shouldn't stop for her. Besides, I'm your assistant. I'm doing this to solve your problem. Of course, I have my own reason. I like you, so I don't want you to have anything to do with your ex-wife.

Caspar, when you love someone, you are selfish. I dare not say that I have done it fairly. But along the way, I have never thought of hurting you. I really love you. Even if the world misunderstands you, it's also the world's fault. "

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